WIP Wednesday: A Letter for Readers

Happy Wednesday!!! Exactly one week to the day when I’ll be leaving for QuiltCon. So all the excitement, panic, anticipation, jitters, worries, and every other emotion you can think of has started. And the list of what to do before I leave is growing, and growing…I have to remind myself to sleep! Sleep deprivation is supposed to come AFTER QuiltCon, not BEFORE!

So, rather than showing you a pile of fabric and an empty suitcase, I thought I’d share this letter addressed to all of my wonderful readers.

Dear Not-ladys and Not-furnitures,

The proprietor of this internet establishment, in her infinite buffoonery, has deemed it wise to engage in activities which have not heretofore been approved by myself, her felinious supervisor. I am unsure of what has driven her to this particular, disturbing form of dementia, but so it has been done, and I cannot — in good conscience — allow it to continue without recourse. Indeed, it is perhaps my fault that Lady has given herself to whim of circumstance and begun to sew — and it disgusts me to write…


Balderdash, say I! What purpose could such garments serve? Are not her usual piddly rags enough? Why must she divert time from what is clearly her only role — the construction of quilts for my enjoyment — to make such silly little things as skirts and dresses? What a foolish pastime. What a shirking of her clear and obvious responsibility to me, her rightful leigelord. Indeed, she has gone astray, and I fear that without help, she may never return to the path of the righteous. By the grace of Bastet, I write to ask your help in returning this lost one to the ways of the right-set quilter. No more skirts! Only quilts! Perhaps a bag on occasion. No more of this foolish haberdashery and seamstressing. Quilts!

Yours Sincerely,
John Edensor Littlewood II (Feline)

These are mine now.

These are mine now.

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Almost human again

I’ve missed you guys!!! I’ve been so out of touch with the world for the last few weeks – I had some wisdom teeth complications, then all four nasty impacted buggers came out and left me on heavy painkillers for the last couple of weeks. But almost all the pain is gone, and I can chew semi-real food again!! Anyone who has been on a mostly liquid diet for anything longer than 3 days knows what joy that brings.


I don’t have any pictures from the good camera to share just yet (we can blame the New England weather we’ve been having) but here’s a little run down of what I’ve been working on in between naps, with a few Instagram photos to break up the wall of text.

Dr. Seuss baby quilt – I decided it didn’t work for the intended recipient, so it’s been placed aside for now.


This quilt top made from part of an Urban Zoologie panel, to replace the Dr. Seuss baby quilt.



A few AMH diamonds…. final product is a secret!


A skirt for me!! Yes, I took the garment sewing plunge again, and this time I’m super happy with the final product. It’s going to make its debut at a guild meeting this weekend (weather permitting)


Another baby quilt, wonky improv log cabins…


And a few quilt backs that I don’t seem to have any pictures of..

And so, so many more ideas! And there’s that ubiquitous QuiltCon prep list. Are you coming to Austin? Exactly two weeks until take-off!!!!!

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How do you make decisions?

How do you decide what to work on every time you sit down at your machine? Is it deadline driven? Mood dependent? And how do you decide which direction to take a project?


I’m in the throes of designing/deciding on several projects — a few baby quilts, a few minis, and few other larger quilts — and I have analysis paralysis.


Deciding what do when I have a vision in my head is easy, I just follow the vision. But when the quilt is for an occasion, and for a specific person, then I get bogged down. And the more I like the person, or the bigger the occasion, the more bogged I get. Which, if I’m making a quilt for you, I like you, so you can see the problem.


Sometimes there’s a skill I want to work on and develop, like curves. Or there’s specific fabric I want to use, so I choose what will show it off best. Sometimes I see a pattern or quilt online and know that it’s perfect for so-and-so. But how can you force a vision? And how do you balance your vision with the recipient’s tastes?


And once you have that vision, how do you keep yourself motivated and focused long enough to complete it? It’s easy when it’s exciting — pulling the fabric, making sure you have a perfect balance of colors with a few pops of contrast, or you’re flying along with the quilting. But what about the step where you trim 100 HSTs? Or have to cut 300 4″ squares? Or make binding?

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2015 Finish Along Q1

So, it’s become abundantly clear lately that I have a WIP management…situation, to put it nicely. :D So I think I’m going to join in on the 2015 Finish Along, hosted at On the Windy Side, as a way to motivate myself to finish the things I want to. Anyone want to bet on how “good” I’ll be at this? :D

So the things I’d like to finish before March 31:

1. Secret green quilt – not very descriptive, but it’s a secret! Should be putting the binding on soon, so this is my easy one. Like putting “drink coffee” on a to-do list. :D
2. Dr. Seuss baby quilt – currently the pieces are cut, but they need to be pieced, basted, and quilted.
3. Voile Infinity Scarf to wear to QuiltCon…so it has to be done before Feb 18!!! It’s all cut and ready to go, I just got sidetracked.
4. Mini for my swap with Laurie at Dresden Lane – fabric pulled, idea finalized, but a secret…
5. Woodland baby quilt #2. Fabric pulled, pattern chosen, just need to clear off enough space to start cutting.
6. Finish binding on my do.Good stitches quilt, now that its over a year late…yup, it’s that late and I just need to finish half the binding. Yes, my tail is between my legs with admitting this…. Time to get it done!!!
do.Good Quilt Top
7. Baste and quilt the orange do.Good quilt that is seriously in danger of being a year late. As you can tell, I’m not good at keeping up with deadlines…Let’s change that this year!!
2014-05-26 09.57.51
8. And so we can air all the shame out at once… Piece and finish the blue do.Good quilt from July… I have all the blocks, and a plan, just have to commit and finish it up!

So now that we’re all tsking and finger shaking over my 6,7, and 8th goals… What’s the most shameful project hiding in your closet? Inquiring minds need to know these things!!