Sunnyside of Charms

Hello! Today I’m sharing a quilt top I’m very excited about. It’s yellow!!

Recently, I was lamenting to my wonderfully patient husband that I wasn’t feeling inspired to finish any of my current projects. He, in a brilliant bout of wisdom said “Just go grab some fabric and make something”. Duh!

So I grabbed a charm pack of Acreage that I received at Sew Boston last fall, some coordinating solids I happened to have, and a big chunk of yellow. Because everyone keeps 2+ yard cuts of yellow on hand, right? No? Hmmm. You should. It’s very pretty and helpful.

This layout was completely, utterly inspired/derived from Crazy Mom Quilts quilt, found here.

Oddly, I didn’t have enough yellow to completely finish the quilt top — at least not at the size I wanted (it’s a healthy twin). So, I broke into my teeny tiny stash of yellow prints, and chose some tonal ones to fill in where the solid was lacking. I think this might be my favorite part!!!

For the back, I just picked up a pretty vintage sheet in all the right colors. Soooooo soft.  Now the trick is just to baste it and quilt it up. Maybe even this year! Ha!

What project has you excited these days? Are you making your own sunshine on a dreary day?

9 thoughts on “Sunnyside of Charms

  1. I love that you added in tonal yellow prints and that you had yardage of yellow on hand. I keep thinking I need to start buying more yardage than jus small cuts of fabric. I have a lack of yellow in my work lately. This quilt makes me think it’s time to fix that. 🙂

  2. It’s certainly very yellow, which in my opinion is the happiest colour in the world. I really like the contrast with the lovely blues, green and orange.

  3. Oh that is just gorgeous and fabulously yellow! What a brilliant way to let your creativity have a little play by just stash diving and going with the first thing that appeals; I love the result 🙂

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