WIPs – The List

As of late, I’ve started to notice my WIP list is getting…ahem… out of control (to put it mildly). So, I’m posting this list to hopefully keep myself on track. Let’s see how well this works! (in no particular order…)

Ruby Tetris


Rhubarb Crisp
Yellow Strings – Jelly Roll Jam II

Can't give up on yellow!
Can’t give up on yellow!

Bright Wonky Log cabins

Blue and Red Wonky Crosses
Made fabric Triangles
photo (2)
Hearty Good Wishes Improv
Ships and stars
Farmer’s Wife, 70 done
PicMonkey Collage 3 (1)
Crazy 9-patch

Gypsy Wife

The beginning....oh, I love Kate Spain
The beginning….oh, I love Kate Spain

Going Coastal/Lobster Quilt

Simply Solids top

Pink Sparkle punch mini

FullSizeRender (3)

Fix of Husband quilt

Purple do.Good
do.Good Quilt Top
Yellow dresdens
Simply Color HST
Orange do.Good
2014-05-26 09.57.25

IMG_2478 edit
Navy do.Good
Christmas Bowtie improv

FullSizeRender (1)
Starburst Mini
Alouette Quilt

Macaroon/Brown Quilt

Economy Block Quilt
#rppoycgabivo Supernova

Indigo through Pink
Indigo through Pink

Big top mini

Halloween Bat Pillow
photo (3)

Green Scraps quilt (From Layers of Charm)
Dr. Seuss Baby quilt
“Iceberg” quilt on red

Bee floating squares quilt from Improv Handbook


Purple and Black slash blocks

Only a few of the blocks...
Only a few of the blocks…

Tula Geese

DSC_0378 logo


A personal project, started recently at retreat
A personal project, started recently at retreat

Plaid floating squares

Blue/Orange Prototype

Improv quilt back using scraps from the front, and previous projects by Smiles Too Loudly

Kaffe Rainbow

The beginning of a Kaffe Fasset rainbow from Smiles Too Loudly

Creamy coral Hexagon Improv

IMG_2993 (1)

Crazy Cat Lady Quilt

Smiles Too Loudly: Crazy Cat Lady quilt blocks mashed up together

Michelle’s Re-work

Blue and pink Christmas Triangles

Christmas Jelly Roll Tree Skirt

FullSizeRender (2)

Saltwater Grande Scrappy Tiles

It's a little wrinkly...
It’s a little wrinkly…

Curved Winter Trees

Feed Co Stars

Yellow Improv Twigs

An improv curves project
An improv curves project

Meadow Quilt

Funky Music Scrap quilt

Single Leaf fall mini

Sunnyside of Charms

Pink Baby Scrap Quilt

Best Day Ever Quilt

At the very least, maybe this will inspire me to take more pictures!!!

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