A “Man Color” Quilt

A few years ago, I started a quilt for my father-in-law. I inquired of my husband what colors to make it in — uhhh, man colors? That was interpreted as brown, black, cream, with a splash of red, which worked really well with the Penny Patch pattern from Stitched in Color.

Both of these shots were taken at the quilts original inception. In 2014. Yup, I finally finished a long term WIP. Cue confetti. 🙂

In the works….

Last fall I decided to finish it up in time to give as a Christmas present. I got it done in plenty of time, but the weather and life weren’t cooperating for pictures. A few weeks ago we visited my inlaws and I took the opportunity to photograph the quilt. Lucky me, they had recently acquired a slightly rusty tractor, which makes a great photodrop.

Manly Penny Patch by Smiles Too Loudly

All that snow is gone and it was 90F yesterday… clearly there’s a lag in my photoediting and blogging time. You don’t mind, right?

Manly Penny Patch by Smiles Too Loudly

This was a pretty easy quilt to make; I’m not sure why I took so long to finish it. Maybe the lack of bright colors?

Manly Penny Patch by Smiles Too Loudly

I backed it in a small plaid flannel and quilted it with a topography-esque style of FMQ. This was also the first quilt I ever spray basted, and I’m definitely a fan.  I used the Dritz spray basting spray, 505 was a little much for my nose/allergies.

Manly Penny Patch by Smiles Too Loudly

I tried to use several fabrics that would have meaning to my father-in-law: French script (the family’s French-Canadian), barcodes and software, glasses, coffee text, maps, a great print with visual instructions on how to build a campfire (he was a scoutmaster for several years), bicycles, and several ‘manly’ blenders.

Manly Penny Patch by Smiles Too Loudly

Manly Penny Patch by Smiles Too Loudly

Manly Penny Patch by Smiles Too Loudly


Would you believe that this still isn’t my oldest WIP? It’s not… maybe someday I’ll finish all of them? Ha!

8 thoughts on “A “Man Color” Quilt

  1. It sure sounds like you put a lot of thought and care into making this quilt for your FIL. The extra time it took just meant you were infusing it with that much more love. 🙂 I sure hope he got some use out of it while the snow was there; how crazy that you have already had 90 degree weather! Also, the tractor is killer. Did you get to ride / use it yet?!?

  2. okay, wait, wut, 90F there?! That’s ridiculous. I love the quilt in front of the old backhoe! …although I am curious to see what is on the front end, hiding behind the quilt. Is it a bucket? A blade? An auger?? Ugh I’ll never know. The quilt turned out very manly, the colors and layout give it a great cozy feel. I love the mix of nerdy and outdoorsy fabrics.

  3. Fabulous, what a lucky guy & deserving, a quilt made by you. It is wonderfully displayed, love the photos , your quilts are each a masterpiece in my eyes. Really, each have been works of art. Congratulations on completing another!

  4. This is ‘the perfect’ man quilt! The photo shoot certainly emphasizes it’s maleness! I’m sure your FIL was very pleased. I’m encouraged to dig deep and pull out a UFO to finish up.

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