Sunnyside of Charms

Hello! Today I’m sharing a quilt top I’m very excited about. It’s yellow!!

Recently, I was lamenting to my wonderfully patient husband that I wasn’t feeling inspired to finish any of my current projects. He, in a brilliant bout of wisdom said “Just go grab some fabric and make something”. Duh!

So I grabbed a charm pack of Acreage that I received at Sew Boston last fall, some coordinating solids I happened to have, and a big chunk of yellow. Because everyone keeps 2+ yard cuts of yellow on hand, right? No? Hmmm. You should. It’s very pretty and helpful.

This layout was completely, utterly inspired/derived from Crazy Mom Quilts quilt, found here.

Oddly, I didn’t have enough yellow to completely finish the quilt top — at least not at the size I wanted (it’s a healthy twin). So, I broke into my teeny tiny stash of yellow prints, and chose some tonal ones to fill in where the solid was lacking. I think this might be my favorite part!!!

For the back, I just picked up a pretty vintage sheet in all the right colors. Soooooo soft.  Now the trick is just to baste it and quilt it up. Maybe even this year! Ha!

What project has you excited these days? Are you making your own sunshine on a dreary day?

Design Wall Wednesday, the first.

Hello there! I thought that I would try something new. I finally got a design wall “hung” up in my sewing room. Insert happy dance!

So in an effort to blog more regularly and keep track of my sewing progress I’m going to share a snapshot of my design wall every Wednesday.  Some days there may be a long winded explanation and discussion, some days it might just be the snapshot. We’ll just have to see how it goes!



This week, I’ve resurrected the Rainbow Friendship Supernova quilt from three-ish years ago. Let’s see if I can stay focused and finish it up!!!

What are you working on this week?

Cloudy Skies Baby Quilt

Hello! A few months ago I got the chance to make a baby quilt for a coworker of mine. He and his wife are a little more on the conservative side and the nursery was painted with gray and white stripes, so my normal over the top color wouldn’t have really worked.


One afternoon I just had this flash of using squares and rectangles, with measurements all multiples of 4. The smallest squares measure 4″ square, finished. The largest are 16″ x 16″ and 12″ x 20″.


Then, to add a little color, I added the stitch and flip corners. Originally, they were just going to be royal blue, but it looked a little blah. Rainbows to the rescue!!


I tried really, really hard to force free motion quilting onto this quilt — it just wasn’t going to work.  1/2″ spaced straight lines won out. Boring for me, but great for the quilt.


I backed it in a great Lotta Jansdotter print I’ve had for more than few years, and bound it in a great Karen Lewis print.


With some of my favorite prints, its no wonder I really wanted to keep this one. Those little sheep are just to die for, and when you combine that with glasses, Architextures, and the cutest paw print, just, ah. Love this quilt.



Long time no see…

So, it’s been a while. Life got in the way and the decision came between using limited free time to sew, or to blog. You can guess what I chose, right?


This cute “little” chaos monster is the biggest life change — Her name is Hardie. Currently a 4 month old German Shepherd. Who thinks I’m the most awesome thing in the world and therefore must play with her every. waking. minute. We’re slowly getting her to understand that she is not the center of the universe, but the emphasis is on slowly….


I have managed some sewing time over the last few months. All of which I’ll post in more detail, but here’s a quick glossy overview.

Finished this baby quilt for a coworker.



Finished this baby quilt for a friend.

Version 2

Finished this heart quilt for the Quilt for Pulse drive, but not in time for the deadline. (So if you know of any local charities…)

Woody loves yellow

Finished this quilt for my Father in Law (only 3+ years in the making…)


In the works....
In the works….

Started this quilt just for me


As today is the last day of 2016, I’ll leave you with the happiest, most fabric filled wishes for 2017!!!



Cloud 9 Blog Hop – Improv Hydrangea

Hi! Today I get to share with you a new block tutorial I’ve written using solids Cloud 9 provided. I feel I must say this upfront — this is not a beginner block. There are improv curves involved… dunh dunh dunh.


This was the lovely pile Cloud 9 sent me. Right around the time these arrived, my hydrangea was in full bloom and the two were forever linked in my mind.


I made the bold (for me) decision to use the purples, and the gray. Insert shocked face here.


To make the block, you will need:

  • 1 dark 14″ square
  • 3 light 1″ strips (the length isn’t important, but I used 22″)
  • 1 gray 8″ square, cut diagonally.

This is a very improvised block. My ‘instructions’ are really just suggestions — please feel free to make the block however you’d like!

Cut the dark square roughly in half diagonally.


Pin a light strip along one of the cut edges.


Sew and press.

Now comes the fun part. You get to choose how big your highlight strip is. Trim from one edge to the other, angling your ruler to change the highlight size.


Pin, sew, and press the other dark triangle onto the highlight.


Now, you can leave this as is, or you can add as many more strips as you’d like. (The math here works with three strips, you may need to adjust if you want to add more). Just slice, insert, trim, attach, press. (If only saying the words made them happen, hunh?)


Do you see the petal shape emerging? You might also see that this isn’t close to square anymore, but we can fix that!

Trim your block to 13″ square.


See the upper right hand corner? How it doesn’t quiet meet the line? That’s okay. The next step is going to fix it.

Take one of the gray triangles, and place it over that upper right hand corner. You want the edges to extend 1/2″ past the block. Then cut an improv curve with whatever method works for you. I like the freehand rotary cutter method, personally, but any method will do.


I mark the curve in a few places, on both pieces. This helps keep the pieces aligned. Then I pin through every mark.


Sew the curve, slowly and carefully. Press towards the gray (concave curve).

Repeat in the opposite corner. Press the entire block really well.

Trim to 12.5″ inches.


Ta-da! You have a lovely improvised petal!

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Real Life in the way

Do you ever have those days, weeks, months where real life and all it’s responsibilities get in the way of what you really want to do? That’s the kind of summer I’ve been having. Hubby and I have both been working 60+ hours a week, for the last [I’ve lost count] weeks. It makes it difficult to make time to sew, to say the least.

But! I have managed to sneak little bits here and there in.

Woody loves yellow

A few heart blocks for Orlando.

purple heart

A curtain for my new kitchen.


A few blocks here and there on my Icy Waters quilt (started in a class with Amy Garro herself!).

Icy Waters

I am desperately hoping that when fall arrives, everything will slow down a little, so I can enjoy all my favorite bits (pumpkin bread! gingersnaps! hot cocoa!)

Use what you’ve got!

I’m sure this is not news to anyone, but moving is stressful! And quilting is a great stress relief (well, most of the time) — except the first few weeks of living here in the new house, I had no idea where any of my current WIPs were. So, I could spend my limited sewing time hunting for current projects, or just grab what I could find and start something new. I don’t think any of us are surprised with my decision, are we?

Trimming with Coffee

Unpacking can wait!!!


I won a fat quarter bundle of Best. Day. Ever! by April Rosenthal awhile ago (year+) and that was on the top of a box. Digging around to pull out my iron, cutting mat, ruler, thread, etc, I found a great selection of low volume fabrics. Done. Let’s get sewing!


I love these donkey’s from Laurie Wisbrun’s Jack and Jenny.

In pieces

I’ve loved this pattern from QuiltDad for awhile, and it works perfectly with fat quarters. Unfortunately, it’s a little on the small side for me. You may have noticed I have a propensity for larger quilts… So, I wanted to add a few simple squares.


With some assistance from the official Quilt Helper, I got it all sewed together… and it was still a little small. It’s currently at about 55 x 70 (I had a few cutting mishaps). I’m sure that’s a great size for quite a few people, just not me. So, back to the think tank.

My helper

It’s currently being unconstructed, strategically. I’m thinking that adding a few more flying arrows, in different sizes, and a bit more blank space. And more fabric, because I used up every bit of the fat quarters. It may be all the recent practice, but I’m thinking hot pink. Yellow would be the predictable, safe choice, afterall. Quilts shouldn’t be too predictable.

Soft kitty

Have you ever taken apart a quilt? Or been dissatisfied with the outcome? Did it eventually work out for you?