Another year gone by…

‘Tis the season for reflecting on what passed in 2017, and plans for 2018. Shall we take a look at the numbers? I like numbers. 😀

10 blog posts (including this one)

8 quilts finished

5 of those quilts for charity, 3 for presents

3 quilt tops completed for me

2 quilts fully quilted, but awaiting binding (1 to keep, 1 to give)

2 quilts almost done quilting (1 to keep, 1 for charity)

1 new-to-me longarm quilting machine acquired.

When I started gathering these numbers I was a little “woe is me” — I didn’t finish a lot. Or so I thought. I very often think of a finish as the final quilt, fresh from the dryer. But there are so many little steps to rejoice and celebrate along the way. All the steps take time.

I accomplished quite a bit this year, even if none of it resulted in a new quilt to keep me warm. 8 more quilts out into the world providing some comfort and warmth. 7 that much closer to being finished.

For 2018, I want to keep my goal simple: Enjoy more. Don’t get so wrapped up in deadlines and comparisons. Just enjoy the right now.

6 thoughts on “Another year gone by…

  1. I think you had a great year – 8 quilts finished while holding a full time job is super impressive. I think the most I ever finished while working was 10, and that was the year before I quit… so, umm, yeah. I look forward to seeing what you create in 2018, and I love your goal to enjoy. ❤

  2. Yes! Thank you for putting things into perspective for me. I think we are both in the same boat – we finished not as much as we had hoped but got far more done than we realised at the time.

  3. I did a dismal job of blogging and sharing and quilting this year, taking a nearly 7 month hiatus… but it’s all about the joy of doing something you love!!

  4. Um, you forgot a huge sewing accomplishment!! Becoming more comfortable on the long arm!! Your quilting looks great, and you had to re-learn how to do it, and how to not overdo it.

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