Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m an engineer, California transplant, living with my husband and cat in Massachusetts. Most of my stash is made of eye searing bright colors, especially yellow. When I’m not sewing, I probably snoring. Or baking calorie laden treats – those are dangerous.

I love meeting new people, especially quilty people, so please say hi!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I googled Roll brayers and found your terrific explanation! It was a gsme changer because…never again do I have to burn my fingers when I press open my seams!! Thank you!!! Now I have to find a roller with untreated wood…but the internet will help me. I am a dream quilter (savin my scraps from clothes sewing and favourite old clothes for that day when I begin!) best greetings from Berlin, Gemany Yours sincerely, Giuls

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