Use what you’ve got!

I’m sure this is not news to anyone, but moving is stressful! And quilting is a great stress relief (well, most of the time) — except the first few weeks of living here in the new house, I had no idea where any of my current WIPs were. So, I could spend my limited sewing time hunting for current projects, or just grab what I could find and start something new. I don’t think any of us are surprised with my decision, are we?

Trimming with Coffee

Unpacking can wait!!!


I won a fat quarter bundle of Best. Day. Ever! by April Rosenthal awhile ago (year+) and that was on the top of a box. Digging around to pull out my iron, cutting mat, ruler, thread, etc, I found a great selection of low volume fabrics. Done. Let’s get sewing!


I love these donkey’s from Laurie Wisbrun’s Jack and Jenny.

In pieces

I’ve loved this pattern from QuiltDad for awhile, and it works perfectly with fat quarters. Unfortunately, it’s a little on the small side for me. You may have noticed I have a propensity for larger quilts… So, I wanted to add a few simple squares.


With some assistance from the official Quilt Helper, I got it all sewed together… and it was still a little small. It’s currently at about 55 x 70 (I had a few cutting mishaps). I’m sure that’s a great size for quite a few people, just not me. So, back to the think tank.

My helper

It’s currently being unconstructed, strategically. I’m thinking that adding a few more flying arrows, in different sizes, and a bit more blank space. And more fabric, because I used up every bit of the fat quarters. It may be all the recent practice, but I’m thinking hot pink. Yellow would be the predictable, safe choice, afterall. Quilts shouldn’t be too predictable.

Soft kitty

Have you ever taken apart a quilt? Or been dissatisfied with the outcome? Did it eventually work out for you?

Basted and Ready to Quilt!

So since all the Summer of Sarah Sewing projects are for me, I don’t need to keep them a surprise. Which means I get to share progress pictures with you guys! It also means I take waaay to many pictures, but you don’t mind, right?

This has been waiting for quilting for nearly two years...
This has been waiting for quilting for nearly two years…

This is a quilt top I made back in September of 2013, and thank you smart phone for recording that for me. See, that’s before I even had a blog, or a fancy camera. I’m not even sure I was using Instagram yet. I just took pictures on my phone so I’d know how to sew it all together once I picked it up off the floor. Though, that shouldn’t be in past tense — I still do that.  The top is a pattern by Jeni Baker from the July/August ’13 issue of Quilty, called All Tied Up. It was pretty easy to put together (though I was terrible at making points match up two years ago), but the fabric requirements listed are very, very generous.

logo DSC_0463

Last week I made a back for this quilt, and accidentally deleted the pictures I took of it. Cue sad music please. You can see the wrong side of the back here, but I’m sure you’re far too distracted by how adorable my helper is. He really does try to help with every step of the process. Quality checks aren’t just for the end product, you know. He has to inspect every step along the way.

logo DSC_0468

I clearly have a thing for sunflowers, wouldn’t you say? I once tried to grow sunflowers as a kid… My aunt had sent me some seeds for Christmas, so I spent days prepping a section of the backyard. I planted the seeds, and watered them semi-faithfully, and waited for them to grow. And waited, and waited, and waited. Nothing. It’s now a family joke that I can grow anything, but sunflowers… I still maintain the birds ate the seeds and it had nothing to do with my abilities. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. I still love sunflowers though.

logo DSC_0472

I think there is something wonderfully magical about a completely smooth, basted quilt top. I’m not sure what it is though. Maybe it’s just how much potential it holds, like those sunflower seeds. Thankfully, I don’t think birds are going to eat my quilt, nor does finishing it require on pesky things like weather, or consistent watering. Just some time, a little patience, and a lot of fun.

Choosing thread...
Choosing thread…

logo DSC_0481

All ready to quilt! I’ve always intended to do this as a bit of a free motion quilting sampler, but I need help! What are some of your favorite free motion quilting designs?

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