Affectionately, VKRS

Do you guys remember that quilt I did, oh 4 months ago? It was for the Bonnie Christine Ribbon Tour. Let’s refresh our memories
Video Killed the Radio Star w/building


I have a confession: it wasn’t done. See, I quilted it for about 3 days straight, 12 hours each day. Some of you might be wincing right now because you know where this story is going. I sprained my wrist from all the free motion quilting. It swelled up, I couldn’t even pick up my coffee cup, let alone keep quilting. But the deadline!!!! Well, my husband had a great idea. The ribbon portion of the quilt was done, it was just the border. So, what if I just zipped around the whole outside, trimmed it, and then through the magic of photography it will look finished? Did it work? Did I fool you back in March? (The entire left side of the quilt in the picture above is unquilted — and there’s no binding…)

logo DSC_0402

But it’s done now!!!! Well, actually a few months ago, actually. I procrastinated on the binding.  Readers, please meet Video Killed the Radio Star, or affectionately, VKRS. I believe, to date, this is my husband’s favorite quilt — he’s asked to hang it above the sofa so it doesn’t get matted with cat fur. That’s a good sign.  Also, I will apologize now for the photo overload. I am so happy that it’s done and I get to share it in all it’s done glory that I may have went overboard with the pictures. VKRS is very photogenic, though, wouldn’t you agree?

logo DSC_0463



I really, really went to town on the quilting (hence sprained wrist) – I think every single thing I had learned from Angela Walter’s Craftsy videos to date is in there. Not the dot to dot quilting though, I watched that one after VKRS was done. There are feathers, tiles, clamshells, woodgrain, swirls, swirls mixed with leaves, big negative space bubbles like I did here, and sooooo many more. As with most quilts, you can see the quilting better on the back.


logo DSC_0409


I’m so incredibly proud of those tiles. This was the first time I had ever tried them — they are a LOT easier than they look!


logo DSC_0410


The back was pieced with some scraps and a 3yard cut I had of the yellow beehives. In the beginning, I really wanted to match the beehive print, but that was just not going to happen. Especially, after I struggled with it for three hours. So, instead, it’s a scrappy back, and I still have three more yards of the beehives for a future project. A win-win I would say, because the solids that are pieced in show the quilting sooooo very well.


logo DSC_0447

Do you want to have a picnic?
Do you want to have a picnic?


I’m starting to run out of things to say…Hmmmm. Maybe I should just add some more pictures now?


logo DSC_0461


Oh, the binding! So I tried about three options I believe, and none of them were right. First it was a light gray solid, and it was okay, but it didn’t provide enough contrast. Next, was a pretty coral and teal print from Art Gallery. It was okay, but not very assertive, and I felt like VKRS needed an assertive binding.  Then I was out at a not-quite local quilting store and they had this perfect purple sateen. Then the bears came home and found Goldilocks – oh wait, that’s a different story.


logo more detail of VKRS

This won’t be the last time you see this binding. I bought too much of it (of course!) and it has already started to make its way into another project.


logo DSC_0433


Aaaaaand, the end.


(Linking to Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it Friday, since it’s been finished for many Fridays)


Video Killed the Radio Star | Bonnie Christine Ribbon Tour

Happy Thursday!!! Today is my stop on the Bonnie Christine Ribbon Tour to introduce her new line of ribbons from Renaissance Ribbons. Now, I may not have shared this before, but I have a serious thing for bees, and Sweet as Honey is one of my favorite collections of all time (I used some in this baby quilt too). So, when I saw Bonnie put out a call on Instagram for people to join her blog hop tour, I didn’t hesitate to volunteer.

Video Killed the Radio Star w/ the T

Now of course, me being a quilter, I instantly go to a quilt when asked to make a new project — It’s almost like a disease really. And did I plan on making a small quilt? No. I guess even though school is over, I’m still an overachiever at heart. I thought and thought, and looked all over the internet for something to compliment the ribbons, and went with a quilt based of this one by Blue is Bleu (love her too!).  It’s about 72″ x 80″, so a nice small throw size, right?

Video Killed the Radio Star w/building

I appliqued the ribbon onto the solid pieces, after they were cut to size, then joined them with the previous pieces, and mitered the corners. Sounds more complicated than it really is. I looked up this video for the miter, then after that it was easy peasy. Except when my cat tried to help. Claws and ribbon don’t mix so well, but it’s a problem easily remedied.


So what can I say about the ribbon? It’s gorgeous for starters. Like keep it in eyesight at all times gorgeous. Though the ribbons are designed for Winged and Sweet as Honey, there’s some fabrics from Hello, Bear that also coordinate really well. If you’d like to purchase some they’re available at Renaisance Ribbons, and Bonnie’s mother’s store A Stitch in Time.


Yesterday, Ashley at Mommy by day Crafter by Night posted about this completely adorable make-up case she made. Tomorrow we can all find out what Bethany at Bee Always Blooming has been up to. And the tour continues, with a new project/blogger every week day until April 8th.


So now that you know all about the ribbon, you’re probably wondering about the name, right? Well, my husband and I have this arrangement – he names all the quilts, and gets first dibs on keeping them. So even if I make a quilt for someone else, it’s not allowed to leave our apartment unless he says so. When I first showed him this quilt top, he thought it looked like a broken TV…and then somehow in his head that became “Video Killed the Radio Star”. Don’t ask me how…his head can be a strange place, but the name is growing on me. In a few days, I’ll be sharing more details about the quilting of VKRS (you know an acronym was in order!). And yes, there is a QuiltCon post (or two) coming – I just got sidetracked by making a quilt. 😀