A long time coming…

There’s a finished quilt to share today! It’s been almost a year to the day since I pulled fabrics for this quilt… tick tock goes the clock.

from Smiles Too Loudly

I’ve shared a lot of details about the making of this one, and today is the final detail — how I quilted all that empty space! I used this really great pattern I found on Youtube, Loopy Clams from Lynn Durbin. Of course, she was quilting on a longarm, so I had to adapt it a little for my Juki.

from Smiles Too Loudly

This quilt was planned for my Mother In Law from the very start. Purple, teal, yellow, peach, all her favorite colors. Tiny happy sheep because she’s a knitter. I even bought the sheet to back the quilt when I was with her (she didn’t suspect a thing).

from Smiles Too Loudly

The inner hexagon is quilted with several different quilting patterns. Mostly variations on dot-to-dot quilting and big easy loops, with a few spirals thrown in for fun. There was also a fair bit of “following the fabric” like on those AMH flower prints. I just quilted around the flowers.

from Smiles Too Loudly

from Smiles Too Loudly

I used a scrappy binding, from mostly the same fabrics in the middle hexagon. Machine stitched as is my usual.

from Smiles Too Loudly

from Smiles Too Loudly

One thing I did learn with this quilt: Square your quilt top before you quilt it. There was so much quilting that I ended up cutting off. I could have saved myself at least 2 hours, and it’s a lot easier to fold and manipulate a top than a quilt.

from Smiles Too Loudly

from Smiles Too Loudly

When we took pictures today, it was a fair bit windier than is normally ideal, so there are a few outtakes…

from Smiles Too Loudly

from Smiles Too Loudly

Also, I handed my camera to my husband (Quilt Holder Extraordinairre) and he caught this one. It may just be my favorite picture of me ever.

The smile behind Smiles Too Loudly

22 thoughts on “A long time coming…

  1. Hooray, does this mean you get a quilt that she has hostage back in return (or is it someone else that has a quilt, or am I loosing my mind???)? The quilting is awesome, and I love that the back is solid so the quilting can really be seen and admired. 🙂

  2. LOVE the loopy clams! I may try that out on a quilt I need to quilt… sometime in the future, when my kid is bigger. Pinning for future reference!

    Also, you’re adorable.

  3. Absolutely fantastic! We are blown away once again by your creativity!! Grammma & Grandpa sending you HUGS and more LOVE always!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great job on quilt top and quilting! I like your variety with the loopy clams. I also enjoyed the pics. I had fun watching you have fun taking them even though I wasn’t there!

  5. I just found your site from Crazy Mom Quilts! I love this quilt and your fabulous quilting on it! So beautiful and crazy awesome! Your pictures are fun and the one of you is adorable!!! Glad I found you!!

  6. Sarah this is so lovely!! Your quilting is so beautiful, I bet squaring off that much quilting was frustrating cause the amount of time and love you put into those beautiful motifs is obvious! The fabrics you combined in the hexagon are such fun prints too, I love looking at other people’s quilts and recognizing fabric I have in my own stash 🙂

  7. This is a totally awesome quilt! Just love it. Your MIL is one blessed lady to have you for a DIL. I would love to know if there is a pattern for this.

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