A gifted bag

Hi! Today I want to share with you something I actually finished back in 2015… yes, I’m a slow blogger. But see, this was right before the holiday craziness set in… Ok, enough with excuses, on to the pretty pictures!!!

A lined drawstring bag by Smiles Too Loudly

I made this bag for Jessica, for the drawstring bag swap at the end of the year guild party. Everyone who wanted to participate had to make a lined drawstring bag following this tutorial from Jeni Baker. We were each asked to fill out a questionnaire to make it easier on our makers.

A lined drawstring bag by Smiles Too Loudly

Well, I’ve known Jessica for a few years now, so the questionnaire wasn’t really needed, but helpful nonetheless. (I love that word: nonetheless. Always feels like it should be three words, but nope! All one word).

Purple is not really my strong suit. That’s putting it mildly really. I hardly ever find a purple I like. And when I do, it’s more of red purple than a blue purple. My husband is going to roll his eyes at that sentence — the man believes there’s only one purple.  I had happened to pick up this purple Cotton and Steel print at QuiltCon earlier this year. Yes, it’s purple and Cotton + Steel. Hey, I told you 2015 was stressful, see what stress makes me do?

A lined drawstring bag by Smiles Too Loudly

Combine the blasphemous purple print, with a cute semi-novelty print I’d picked up on a whim a few days before, and make a flange out of leftover binding from this quilt – ta-da! Instant wonderful bag!

A lined drawstring bag by Smiles Too Loudly

Except it wasn’t all that instant. This was my fifth set of fabric choices. See? Purple and me aren’t really the best of friends. I have about 7 purple fabrics in my stash, and went through nearly all of them with different combinations until I remembered this print still tucked away in the QuiltCon Swag Bag (why, no, I’m not fully unpacked from the trip I took in February).

A lined drawstring bag by Smiles Too Loudly

Add a few musical touches (she’s a music teacher, so that part was a no-brainer), and fill it up with goodies. The end.

A lined drawstring bag by Allison Coe for Smiles Too Loudly

Oh well, except for the part where I received one! Allison made me this adorable bag with a cat face on each side, filled with yellow and cat fabrics, and yellow thread! And I’ve already tucked some  knitting into it…

A lined drawstring bag by Allison Coe for Smiles Too Loudly


4 thoughts on “A gifted bag

  1. Somebody knows you well! Yellow and cats!
    Great work on the bag. You even found musical ribbon. I am impressed!
    The man is so wrong about purple! Like you, I am not a purple fan and have about seven purple fabrics in my stash. Stress caused me to buy purple unicorns last year. (Stress and a great price.) I am trying to broaden my mind and pick up purples I do like when I see them – often lavenders and pinkish purples.

  2. I love the C+S print, I totally wish I’d gotten some! I totally sort my purples by redish to blueish, so I totally know what you’re talking about! Looks like a great swap, and fast and easy too!

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