2016: Finish, Finish, Finish

Hi! I’m back today to share all the details, and thoughts behind, my 2016 resolution: Finish quilts.

Here’s the deal — I have tons of unfinished projects. No, seriously, I keep them all listed here on the blog. Well, all is subjective, because I forget to update the list, but most are on the WIPs page. Go ahead and look at them, I’ll wait.

Yup, still waiting, because there’s a lot for you to read through.

Some I put aside waiting for my skills to improve. Like this one:


Started pre-blog, circa 2011. I knew I wanted to go to town with FMQ in all that aqua space, but I didn’t even have a free motion foot for my machine at the time… But now I have the Juki! No more waiting. I just need to decide on a back for it.

Then there’s this one:


I started it not long after the Ruby quilt above, 2011, maybe 2012. I started with the Crazy Nine Patch pattern, then quickly fell out of love with the design in my head. Recently, I got some new inspiration from, of all places, the design on the sandwich bags from our favorite pizza/sub shop. I just have to actually execute the new design…

By my count, I have 7 8 9 quilt tops, all done, just needing quilting. For a gal with Juki that’s almost downright criminal. I’ve run out of excuses on those – and some of them are charity quilts, like this one:

2014-05-26 09.57.25

Then there are quilts that are for me, that I’ve just kept pushing down the priority list. Like this one:

Smiles Too Loudly: Two Friendship Supernova Blocks

My Supernova Friendship Quilt that’s been waiting over a year for me to make my half. Or my Farmer’s Wife quilt, that’s been waiting even longer for me to just put them together.

Smiles Too Loudly: An idea for reimagining the Farmer's Wife Quilt

As well as more recent projects, like this quilt for Gramma:

Feed Company BOM for Gramma by Smiles Too Loudly

I have started 3 4, yes 4, Christmas quilts over the years and never finished a single one of them. It’s time, don’t you think?

Christmas Bow Ties are Cool

So, this is the year of no new projects. I am not going to start a single quilt. Now I’m a realistic person, so I understand that I will most likely not meet this goal. In fact, there are two exceptions for this: two baby quilts I need to make by March. But, my true aim is to finish as many of these lovelies (and this wasn’t all of them by any means) as I can by 2017. This year, I finished 4 adult-sized quilts. Last year I finished 2 adult-sized quilts.  Let’s see how many I can finish this year!

And I’m sure this guy will be doing his uptmost best to help in every possible way.

Hello, I'm Woody



6 thoughts on “2016: Finish, Finish, Finish

  1. You helper is so cute; of course he is going to be in the mix! 🙂 Good luck getting a lot of your WIPs completed. There are some really amazing quilts in there just waiting to be finished. I think you and your Juki are going to have a really fun year.

  2. You can do it! I had over 30 WIP and managed to get myself down to five. One thing that really helped me was to write down the next step for each of the items being very specific and granular: sew back, baste quilt, cut border, etc. This way, I could look at the list and decide what I felt like doing. Then I could either try and power through and complete a project or skip around between them. Hope this helps!

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