Welcome 2016!!!

I know there are many who are exclaiming their dismay at the end of 2015 — I’m not one. This past year has been, well, let’s just say not easy. Emotional roller coaster would also be apt. Several family deaths, births, weddings, and more drama, stress, and hurtful words than, well, than I’ve known what to do with. I’ve been ready for 2016 since July…

Brake Lights, a Moda Bakeshop Tutorial by Smiles Too Loudly



Lucky for me, I had quilting, and quilty friends, through all of this. So, let’s celebrate the good and put aside the bad, shall we? Because there were some really great things that happened this year.

I attended QuiltCon and met so many dear wonderful people – and only took pictures of quilts.

Quilts of Gee’s Bend

I participated in several blog hops.

I just love this shot :D
I just love this shot ๐Ÿ˜€

Video Killed the Radio Star w/ the T

I had a quilt published on Moda Bakeshop.

Brake Lights, a Moda Bakeshop Tutorial by Smiles Too Loudly

I got to make baby quilts for wonderful friends who showered me in thanks.

2015 Baby Quilts

I finished 4 throw-ish sized quilts, 4 baby quilts, and 2 mini quilts. And a few other smaller projects I forgot to blog about. Oops. Oh, and there was a commissioned quilting job in there that I forgot to take pictures of too…

2015 quilt collage

I’ve had my Juki for an entire year now, and what a difference it’s made in my quilting skills.

2015 Quilting Details

I’ve gotten more comfortable with my camera, and improved my photography skills.

2015 Pictures

2016 is going to hold great things, I just know it. Several of those things will be quilts! Yes, that’s right, I’m making a resolution: Finish more quilts. ย I’ll be back in a few days to share the details of that, but for now:

May 2016 be everything you need it to be!!



7 thoughts on “Welcome 2016!!!

  1. Sarah you have faced every challenge with determination & grit….smiling through adversity, wearing wonderful red glasses and always smiling! Wonderful photo journal of your creative genius. ( I’m your grammma, I get to brag every day. ) I am in awe of your accomplishments!

  2. Happy 2016 Sarah! My 2013 was like that… I just wanted it to be over. Sending you lots of love for a wonderful new year!!

  3. Sarah, I’ve always loved Brake Lights, but maybe Fearless Sparrows was secretly whispering to you. Sparrows are often overlooked birds, but you made them strong and confident. It sounds to me like you are looking forward to 2016–a New Year of freedom, clarity and optimism, just like your sparrows!

  4. I have been ready for 2016 since before July too. Bring on a new year and a fresh start, I say! Last year was a shocker, but life is never all gloom, and it is good to remind ourselves of the good bits as you have done.

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