A collaboration with Gramma

Gramma is a very special person around these parts… after all, she taught me to use a sewing machine. That’s kind of a big deal to a person who lives, breathes, eats quilting.

At the end of last year, Sweetwater Co announced their latest (at the time) fabric line and an embroidered block of the month pattern which was perfectly Gramma. Most of you don’t know her, so you’ll have to take my word for it, but it really is perfectly Gramma. I sweet talked her into a collaboration — she does the embroidery, and I’ll do the piecing and quilting, and then send the finished quilt back to her.Β  After all, if we waited for me to embroider all the blocks it’d be done in about 10 years…

Feed Co BOM quilt, by Smiles Too Loudly and Gramma

Well, she finished all the blocks up in no time at all, and sent them to me this summer. She even wrapped them in yellow tissue paper! A couple of weeks ago, with the holidays looming, I was feeling a little homesick, so I pulled them out and started to put them together.

Feed Co BOM quilt, by Smiles Too Loudly and Gramma

Even with my busy schedule and lack of work-life balance, this was a quick put together. And it was wonderful to work with Gramma’s embroidery and feel all the love I know she put into them.

Feed Co BOM quilt, by Smiles Too Loudly and Gramma

I did change up the final border. The pattern called for the same black gingham, but I would have had to piece it … and non-matching gingham would have driven me crazy. Major thanks go to Jennifer, my friend and local fabric dealer, for choosing the red border.

Feed Co BOM quilt, by Smiles Too Loudly and Gramma

A full reveal will have to wait until the weather and my quilt holder cooperate… he’s sleeping off turkey.

Feed Co BOM quilt, by Smiles Too Loudly and Gramma

And yes, Gramma, I will make sure to get a shot of Woody on your quilt.

10 thoughts on “A collaboration with Gramma

  1. What a great choice of fabrics–and I love Gramma’s embroidery! Good for you for finding the perfect project to honor all she has given you πŸ™‚

  2. EEEEEeeeeeeee……. The red is perfect!! I adored my Grandma (her birthday is this week) so I love the thought of a collaboration. My gram didn’t sew, but she taught me how to read!

  3. I am loved, Sarah I am absolutely delighted, thrilled actually! You are the very best person at quilting our work into this prize winning trophy!!! Thank you , (shedding a couple tears of very proud grammmma here..) Love you to the moon, Grammma

  4. The polite part of me wants to say: The red is brilliant, as is your use of Essex Linen. Gosh, how special that you get to work on a project with your grandma. The impatient part of me wants to say: I don’t believe you’re holding out on us! I need some full-quilt shots!

  5. That corner with the stripes…girl your patience (or ocd…) knows no bounds! I can’t wait to see the reveal pictures I love the idea of combining the embroidery with the quilt.

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