Mr. Brightside…

I’m very fond of the phrase “On the bright side.” On the bright side, fabric doesn’t have an expiration date. On the bright side, there is more space in the fridge now that I ate all that ice cream. On the bright side, Woody doesn’t knock everything off the table, just scissors, paper, and hair ties. You get the point. It can be a little annoying, or so I’m told. On the bright side, there are soooooo many other ways I could annoy you, and I choose not to.

Improv quilt back using scraps from the front, and previous projects by Smiles Too Loudly

Remember this quilt back I showed a couple of weeks ago? That was my bright side. I was waiting for the fabric to come for Brake Lights, and, on the bright side, I was able to use my own fabric for a prototype.

Smiles Too Loudly: Persimmon Charm Pack

I picked up this charm pack of Persimmon by Basic Grey at Keepsake Quilting during a quilty fun day with friends. With that in my head, I landed in the now infamous traffic jam of quilty proportions. I knew I wanted to highlight the dark dusty teal, and the bright orange, so in another quilty fun day with friends, I picked up the solids at Quilter’s Way.

Mr Brightside, the prototype for the charm pack pattern Brake Lights, by Smiles Too Loudly

I tried for the first time to actually sketch out the quilt, and do all the maths before hand. Luckily, my husband has a degree in Mathematics, and actually likes Geometry, so he was very helpful. Not that my engineering degree wouldn’t have been adequate for this, but it’s nice to delegate once in awhile, right? If you look closely, you can see the differences between the original sketch, and what it turned out to be. (Hint: the piece size isn’t consistent)

Mr Brightside, the prototype for the charm pack pattern Brake Lights, by Smiles Too Loudly

When I made the prototype, officially called Mr. Brightside now, I didn’t actually follow the handy dandy cutting guide I made… which was colossally stupid. I blame… well, actually I don’t have anyone to blame. Not even Woody. Just my own lack of attention, and super excitement that it was actually working. Yeah, let’s blame the excitement!

The back of Mr Brightside, the prototype for the charm pack pattern Brake Lights, by Smiles Too Loudly

For the back I just went crazy with piecing what I could find from my less-than-organized stash. If you look closely you might even find some AMH that I willingly purchased at QuiltCon and willingly used. No one forced me to use it… wink, wink. Actually, it just worked perfectly. There were several prints with birds in Persimmon, and birds happen to be a bit of a thing in our house, so I just carried it in. Michelle is laughing at this because she has heard me squeal over finding baby chick fabric. I’m not joking. Go ask her if you don’t believe me. I have several variations on the baby chick fabric, one of which even snuck in on the back. The rest is made up of random scraps, a few batiks, a little Botanics, and the shot cotton left over from these two minis.

Mr Brightside, the prototype for the charm pack pattern Brake Lights, by Smiles Too Loudly

Now I just need to baste and quilt it up — I even have thread already! I liked how the straight lines turned out on Brake Lights, so I’m going to do that here too. Maybe even in multiple colors again too. For the background, I’m thinking large organic pebbles fading down to ‘normal’ pebbles, still playing with the scale, like with the figure eights. It’ll take some time, and a lot of thread, but I think it’ll be worth it.  On the bright side, my shoulder muscles will get nicely defined…

Mr Brightside, the prototype for the charm pack pattern Brake Lights, by Smiles Too Loudly

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12 thoughts on “Mr. Brightside…

  1. The colors you chose for this quilt are spot on! I love that AMH fabric (it’s perfect for you – it’s yellow!) and I can’t wait to see how you quilt it. I love quilting pebbles of various sizes and I think that would look amazing!

  2. How fun that you get to have another version of this quilt. I really like your thoughts to play with the size and scale of the quilting. Pebbles can take so long to do, but (on the bright side) they leave amazing texture to pet when they are done… 😉

  3. I like the negative space color being blue like that, and I like the negative space, too. I never do math for my quilts, I just wing it! Sometimes I have to order more fabric, too. I keep telling myself to plan better but oh well…Good job on this piece, seems like you enjoyed it.

  4. Good luck with developing shoulder muscle definition!
    Since your last post, the design stuck in my head, and I have been driving up and down the freeway staring at other cars’ brake lights and trying to figure out the make and model that inspired you. I need a hobby. 🙂

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