Secret Revealed!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!! Today I finally get to reveal the secret I’ve been holding onto for the last couple of months! YAYAYAYYYY! I’m really excited, can you tell?

Drumroll please….. I wrote a tutorial for the Moda Bake Shop! I submitted a design, and they actually liked it! (Hubby says I shouldn’t be so surprised, of course they liked it, I’m awesome — but you understand my excitement, right?)

Brake Lights, a Moda Bakeshop Tutorial by Smiles Too Loudly

A few months ago, after a wonderful quilty day with friends, I got stuck in traffic. Fueled by a day full of talking about quilts, I started seeing quilts everywhere, including the brake lights I was staring at. A little more refining and thinking, I had this:

Brake Lights, a Moda Bake Shop Tutorial, by Smiles Too Loudly

This is the first time I ever made a fully detailed drawing of a design in my head (and I’ll share more about this in a few days). I am so amazed that it came out exactly like I saw it in my head!

Brake Lights, a Moda Bakeshop Tutorial by Smiles Too Loudly

I designed the quilt around using just one charm pack. So many of us can’t resist those little cuties, and collect them almost obsessively. But what do you do with just one charm pack? Especially if it’s a few years old and you can’t find coordinating fabric anymore? Find two coordinating solids and make this!

Brake Lights, a Moda Bakeshop Tutorial by Smiles Too Loudly

I really wanted to intensely quilt it, of course, but time constraints just wouldn’t allow it. So this quilting scheme was proposed by my husband. Something simple, but impactful. No sprained wrists, no running out of thread at 3am, just easy and carefree. Well, until the thread kept breaking… My machine DEFINITELY prefers poly thread.

Brake Lights, a Moda Bakeshop Tutorial by Smiles Too Loudly

There’s random straight line quilting in the foreground, with two colors: yellow variegated and hot pink. Yes, I used hot pink thread! The background is done in figure eights that gradually get bigger as you move up the quilt. A very fun way of playing with the negative space, but very easy. I just marked out the sections with masking tape.

Brake Lights, a Moda Bakeshop Tutorial by Smiles Too Loudly

Moda sent me the new Bright Sun fabric by Chelsea and Sherri from A Quilting Life.  It’s like this fabric was made just for me! Yellow, turquoise, polka dots, arrows… what’s not to adore? I hope you guys like the fabric too, you’re going to be seeing a lot of it here in the next few decades. I can’t wait to see what their new line is going to look like!!!!

Brake Lights, a Moda Bakeshop Tutorial by Smiles Too Loudly

And of course, Woody had to help. Just as he’s helping type this… Purring away and making it difficult, but he’s so cute, I never have the heart to move him.

Woody Approves, Brake Lights, Smiles Too Loudly

Oh, and if you’re a frequent visitor, you may have noticed the change of scenery. My normal photo site was cramped with extra siding, so hubby suggested the local lake beach. (He’s really smart.) They had all these wonderful spots to snap pictures (and that gorgeous yellow tree!) that I’m sure you’ll be seeing it again.

Brake Lights, a Moda Bakeshop Tutorial by Smiles Too Loudly

Please, please, please let me know if you have any issues with the tutorial, or need a little extra help. I know there’s a few tricky parts, but it’s really not as difficult as it may look.

No more secrets for awhile, okay guys? I’m not good with secrets….

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22 thoughts on “Secret Revealed!!!!

  1. Whoever held that quilt up for you for that long is *clearly* deserving of some sort of food-like reward. Perhaps pie, or cake.

    I like cake.

    (Also, I really like “Somebody Told Me”, one of my top 10 favorites of yours.)

  2. Terrific! This is such a unique design–and I love your use of a charm pack. Woody knows a great quilt when he sees one 🙂 I checked out the tutorial–I really like how you’ve drawn out the cutting pattern–thanks.

  3. Sarah, congratulations on being published, creating another fabulous colorful quilt & I am loving the very fitting title! I always enjoy seeing sweet Woody, and Joe’s suggestion are always the best too! My goodness, you are one very creative seamstress. Many many compliments….now can I put you on the 6pm news? 🙂

  4. I gotta’ say you have a terrific eye for seeing what life & nature bring to us. Very proud of you my dear; not just for being published but also on being able to keep such a BIG Secret!! Congratulations!!

    **Side note~ Joe I like cake too, maybe you should ask nicely and she might make you a Ginger Spice cake 🙂

  5. I am so happy you were patient and submitted this quilt, I think it’s such a fun mix of styles and can adapt so easily to different fabric lines or even a scrappy look to it too! I also appreciate that it’s another yellow quilt: so you 🙂

  6. So right, STL Hubby! Of course they liked it!
    It is great to see something that uses up those charm packs and frivols. As you say, they are irresistible in the shops but difficult to use up.
    The lifeguard tower looks designed fir quilt displaying!

  7. I downloaded your great new pattern from moda, but the measurements listed on it are extremely difficult to decipher in the image sections, I just thought you’d want to know.

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