Rainbows Continue… Now with Leopard Print!

Hi! I’m still continuing on my rainbow adventure, albeit slowly. Turns out that sewing 80″+ long strips is slow. Well, at least when you’re being careful to not stretch or distort them. Surprisingly though, I find it very relaxing.

A rainbow Shoreline quilt using Kaffe Fasset shot cottons and prints, by Smiles Too Loudly

I did find out one thing: jelly roll strips are not always 2.5″. See? The shot cottons are a little bigger than 2.5″ – at first I tried trimming them down, but it just wasn’t helping any, and took a lot of time. So, I just got better at eyeballing it. I might regret this later, but so far it’s turning out just fine.

A rainbow Shoreline quilt using Kaffe Fasset shot cottons and prints, by Smiles Too Loudly

As I was sewing, I noticed one of the print squares – Leopard! I, avowed avoider of animal print anything, am making a quilt with leopard print in it. This feels like such a growth moment. Or maybe it’s an out-of-body experience?

A rainbow Shoreline quilt using Kaffe Fasset shot cottons and prints, by Smiles Too Loudly


A rainbow Shoreline quilt using Kaffe Fasset shot cottons and prints, by Smiles Too Loudly

In other news, did you know I have a WIP page? It was horribly out of date, and I might still be missing a few that have completely fallen into a black hole, but there are a lot of goodies on there. I probably should have turned to that while in a funk, rather than start a new project, but then I wouldn’t have a rainbow in my life right now (it’s raining). So no regrets. I did run across this gem, though, while updating the list:

Floating Squares Improv Quilt with bees, flowers, and Kona Lime, by Smiles Too Loudly

This is a top I made (in a single day, no less) using the Floating Squares Score from Sherri Lynn Wood’s new book. I used scraps of quilt backs (bee print came from this one, flowers from a yet-to-be-blogged baby quilt) along with some Kona Lime. There’s just something that I don’t like about it though. It doesn’t feel finished. Maybe because it’s an S shape it’s throwing me off? I’m debating taking some of the seams apart, and sort of starting over. Or maybe adding more bits to it? What would you do?


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12 thoughts on “Rainbows Continue… Now with Leopard Print!

  1. Leopard!!

    Cut up that old top and add more. Maybe it doesn’t feel done because it’s not as broken up as Sherri’s examples in the book?

    BTW, I already love it, because those big blank areas would be awesome for some crazy fmq.

  2. If I had enough coordinating fabric, I would probably keep the floating squares WIP, but plan to use it for the back of a second version. I think it looks great, but my take away from this version is to try it again, but at a slightly smaller scale and see what happens. I hope that makes sense?

  3. I am in full agreement about animal prints. In clothing, quilts, furniture, or anywhere else. Guess that falls into the never say never category. I think it’s sort of fun to have a small bit of deviant behavior hiding in a quilt. I love the bit of print with each solid. Beautiful.

  4. Personally I would chop up some of the bigger areas and rearrange them to add some more movement. Perhaps a couple small surprise pops of the red too?

  5. I second Kat. Chop up the big green sections. A pop of color would be good too, but I’d probably do hot pink instead of red. It does look really cool though!

  6. I think that 2.5 strips are measured from the inner point of the pinking so I would say the shot cotton (bottom on your pic) is spot on.
    I pre-wash EVERYTHING so I usually avoid jelly rolls. Also when you calculate the price per yard (for all pre-cuts) you end up paying a ridiculously high price for these cuts.
    Occasionally I have been gifted mini-charm and charm packs and I pre-wash them by putting in a sink of hot water and then air drying.

  7. I didn’t even see the leopard print. Maybe my subconscious is blocking it from my occular nerves. But I do love that first quilt. The colors are so bright and cheery.

    As for your second, what about some slash and insert, with a bright bold or contrasting colored solid? You could arrange the slashes as such that they go through some of the big green areas. That would mean more sewing thin, long steps, but….. Maybe? 🙂

  8. I would cut the quilt top into uneven quarters and reassemble. And then maybe cut it into a nine patch in sections of thirds roughly horizontally and vertically, and reassemble. And then keep cutting and assembling.
    Or, add a border that’s a little bit lighter than the green.

    Maybe it just needs the perfect binding though…. 😉

    And, welcome back sew-jo?!

  9. I love that bee fabric, I have a little bit I’ve been using in select ways. It’s so appealing! I also like the colors of your rainbow project – adding the gray was a really good idea.

  10. I would definitely chop it up and add in new strips! That might help you like it more!! If you aren’t happy I would definitely go for it and change it.
    Also, yay sewjo! ALSO, I love where this jelly roll quilt is going. I was JUST chatting with some shop ladies about the inconsistencies of precuts. 😦

  11. Really like the neutral circular fabric you have in that first rainbow project. It’s subtle yet really beautiful. I’m a horrible quilter and I’d rather go on with a quilt that rip things apart because I’m lazy. That being said, if it’s not working for you, go with your gut. If it’s saying to start fresh, then maybe that’ll give you an inspiration you hadn’t considered.

  12. I have used jelly rolls in our group projects and so learned the hard way that their 2.5 inch strips are far from accurate. Good work on the slowly, no stretching sewing.
    Would you consider appliqueing something on top of the floating squares?
    Like Kitty, I cannot see the leopard print. I own one pair of leopard print shoes. That’s it. They were on sale.

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