The Beginning of a Rainbow Adventure

You may have noticed I’m not much of a rainbow kind of gal. Not that I don’t appreciate, or love others rainbow works; Stephanie is phenomenal at rainbowy goodness and I love what she does. It’s just never seemed very “me.” (Yes, I know the Supernova blocks are rainbows… maybe that’s why I keep procrastinating on them?)

But, in order to try and get out of my funk, I’ve started playing around with a rainbow of sorts. It’s not a true ROYGBIV though, more of an earthy rainbow. See?

The beginning of a Kaffe Fasset rainbow from Smiles Too Loudly

Years ago, long enough I don’t remember the exact details, I participated in a Kaffe Fasset charm square swap. I thought it’d be a good way to get lots of bright happy fabrics — and it was, there just wasn’t anything I really wanted to sew with them. Charm squares have always been an issue with me. They’re nearly irresistible, but what do you do with them?

I was poking through Craftsy‘s fabric, oh, a little more than a year ago I think, and stumbled across a jelly roll of Kaffe Fasset’s shot cottons. That got the wheels spinning and eventually, I remembered the Shoreline pattern by Tula Pink. It uses a jelly roll, and a charm pack. It’s simple, but not boring. Ta-da! My friend Jo did a gorgeous one about this same time. That may have influenced my decision.

The beginning of a Kaffe Fasset rainbow from Smiles Too Loudly

So why haven’t you seen the completed quilt yet? Because as usual, I got distracted by something. I don’t remember what, but I’m sure it was very important at the time… Anyway, after I told you all about my funk, I talked to my wonderful Auntie, and afterward realized I had all the fabric for this Kaffe rainbowy Shoreline all packaged up together, ready to go! Self made quilt kits to the rescue!

The beginning of a Kaffe Fasset rainbow from Smiles Too Loudly

I started by matching charms with their similarly colored shot cottons. Some were more successful than others. I’m using a light gray Kaffe print for the background to keep it all Kaffe all the time. If my sewing is accurate (always a stretch), and I don’t deviate (another stretch), it should end up a nice healthy throw size. Of course, with my giant of a husband, that’s 60″ x 80″, which to less vertically endowed people is actually about a twin bed quilt.

The beginning of a Kaffe Fasset rainbow from Smiles Too Loudly

There are a few strips that were harder to place in the rainbow. Most of the shot cottons have two colors in them, and depending on the angle you are looking from, and the lighting, they take on completely different colors. Good thing I’m not a perfectionist! Especially since these aren’t true primary colors, a few out of place here and there won’t bother me. Hopefully…

The beginning of a Kaffe Fasset rainbow from Smiles Too Loudly



10 thoughts on “The Beginning of a Rainbow Adventure

  1. I just glanced at your WIP page, you need to update it šŸ˜‰ The shot cottons look lovely, I’m tempted to look for some for myself, but I will resist! I need a fabric diet!

  2. All those shot cottons look yummy!!

    I really want to make this pattern again one day. It was one of my first quilts so came out weird when I put the top together since I wasn’t really sure what I was doing lol. But it’s a great pattern though. And I’ll bet you’ll have fun FMQ in all the strips šŸ˜€

  3. Ahhhh my dear dear niece, yes it’s earthy, not too earthy though. The fabrics & hues will tell a story; they always do. I am certain this one will come together quickly and honestly who really cares just how much of ‘stretch’ it really is. Rainbow Shamebow!!

  4. I love the colors you picked! One little tip, I’ve made two sort of like this, one jelly roll which was overall fine, and one with 1.5″ stripped that came out more like a semicircle when done. Apparently it is good to alternate the side you start sewing from to keep from bowing? Whoops. Probably more noticeable with the smaller pieces, but with shot being stretchy figured I’d pass it along. I bet your quilting will be awesome on it!

  5. These rainbow tones look gorgeous!! Cannot wait to see where it goes from here (and thanks for the shoutout – maybe that means that I actually need to start blogging again?) The Shoreline pattern is a really nice one and the mix of fabrics and pattern will make this project so YOU! Love it! šŸ™‚

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