New Block Tutorial, Coming Soon!!!

Hi! Sooo, it’s been a little while, right? Life away from my sewing machine took over for a bit (darn!), but there was some sewing, it’s just still a secret… But one such secret gets revealed this week!!!


Today is the start of the Fabri-Quilt New Block blog hop!!! Yvonne is posting today, over at Quilting Jetgirl, and she has a list of others who are posting today (and there’s a giveaway). So, there are 16 tutorials for block designs to look at today. Tomorrow, there will be another 16 featured on Meadow Mist Designs. Wednesday is Late Night Quilter‘s turn (and when my block goes live!), and Childlike Fascination will be posting on Thursday. That means over 60 tutorials for new block designs this week!!!!

Would you like a sneak peek of mine?

Pretty Pile of Trimmings

Well, this is sort of a sneak peek… Just the pile of trimmings. But you can come back on Wednesday and see the full reveal!


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