Finished: Play That Funky Music

This is possibly my new favorite quilt! There are sunflowers, batiks, yellow, awesome quilting, metallics — what more could a girl want?

Play That Funky Music, by Smiles Too Loudly

It all started with the sunflower print. Surprised? I saw it at Joann’s — yes, Joann’s — and fell in love. After I brought it home, I consulted the stash, and the fabric stores, to find coordinates, found the pattern in Quilty, and got started. The quilt top itself came together very quickly, then languished in a corner for far longer than it deserved.

Play That Funky Music, by Smiles Too Loudly

A few weeks ago, I whipped it out, made a quilt back, and got to work! I scoured the internet for FMQ designs so I could make each block different. Shall we explore some of these?

Play That Funky Music, by Smiles Too Loudly

On that tan print, it’s just a simple loopy meander. I really wanted to use the metallic thread on that print (the circles are slightly metallic), but didn’t want to worry too much about tension. Also, my favorite print of the back is right behind this block, and I didn’t want to quilt too densely. The yellow print is from Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket (love their fabrics!) and is … well, I don’t actually know what it’s called. Maze? Curvy connected matchstick? The orange print (Julianna Horner) and the lower Pearl Bracelet I shared here. The sunflowers are in a great modern leaf design from The Inbox Jaunt.

Play That Funky Music, by Smiles Too Loudly

These were mostly all shared in the last post as well, except that upper left brown batik. That was actually the very last block I did in the entire quilt and I was starting to get a little worn out. So, I chose something very simple — branches from Leah Day. Super, super easy, and it really worked well to highlight the fabric here. I’m not sure it’s a design I will use often, but on semi-organic designs it works really, really well.

Play That Funky Music, by Smiles Too Loudly

On the upper orange print, I tried to do cobblestones from the book Beginner’s Guide to Free-Motion Quilting by Natalia Bonner. Her examples ended up far more rounded and cobblestone-y than mine. Mine looks more like stacked moving boxes… Still fun, and a great texture.  The brown sketch print I marked out with painter’s tape every three inches, then just did a figure eight pattern between the tape. Easy, but very striking. The sunflower print has a design I “invented” myself. It was late at night and I wanted something easy, but angular, that wouldn’t detract from the print. At the request of Jenn, I’ll be sharing a tutorial on that soon. The design in the center batik is probably the one I’m most proud of, so of course it’s the hardest to photograph. There are three free handed ovals, with feather frames. Then I echoed inside the ovals with metallic thread. It’s a little easier to see here on the back:

Play That Funky Music, by Smiles Too Loudly

Speaking of the back, I used a few of my favorite fabrics. After all, that’s what the Summer of Sarah Sewing is about. Making quilts for me to enjoy, and what’s more enjoyable than using your favorite fabric?

Play That Funky Music, by Smiles Too Loudly

Play That Funky Music, by Smiles Too Loudly

I’ve been hoarding that bear fabric for what feels like forever, and it was just perfect for this! The yellow roses are leftovers from the back of this quilt (my former favorite quilt), and that brown and orange print near the top was used in this quilt. Not to mention the scraps from making the top that made their way to the back. I do still have all those HST trimmings that will become something…someday…

Play That Funky Music, by Smiles Too Loudly

More of my own triangular design, and dot-to-dot quilting on the Comma print. That was…hmmm, not difficult, but it definitely required concentration. I definitely need more practice to keep the lines straight. Shucks darn, I guess I have to make more quilts.

As you may have noticed, I bound the quilt in the Copper Metallic version of Pearl Bracelets. I bought it specifically to bind this quilt when it came out last year. Unfortunately, I was going to be shy a few inches, so what’s a smart talented quilter to do? Match one corner of the binding to the quilt top, of course!

Play That Funky Music, by Smiles Too Loudly

Recently, I saw Rachel at Like To Sew do a matched binding and I thought it added a lot to the design, so I did it too. Because copying is the sincerest form of flattery, right? That block is quilted in swirls with and without pebbles, and a few leaves thrown in, just because I could. (I’m starting to think that should be my tagline…)

Play That Funky Music, by Smiles Too Loudly

After the last post, my aunt shared that this quilt reminds her of childhood memories with my mother, and in that moment, the name was chosen. See, my mother would play loud, upbeat music whenever we were cleaning, and Play that Funky Music was amongst her favorites. And you know, it kind of fits with the vibe of this quilt. Also, this was the same aunt who sent me the sunflower seeds… so it’s kind of perfect.

Play That Funky Music, by Smiles Too Loudly

That connection to my mother, through this quilt, is what makes it my new favorite. And reminds me why I quilt.

11 thoughts on “Finished: Play That Funky Music

  1. Oh my dear Sarah you have made me smile from ear to ear with this one. You also brought a tear to my eye’s this morning. All the wonderful memories of you Mom & I dancing through the house as little girls helping Gramma clean up our fun messes from all of our creative adventures. You have no idea how many thoughts just flooded my head & heart. I know for a fact your Mom is smiling as big as I am. I love you oh so much!! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.

  2. This is so beautiful! I love reading about how you choose your FMQ designs. That sunflower fabric IS near cloes to perfect! And that binding! Beautiful work, as always!

  3. I really love how the quilt came together, Sarah, and the connection with your mom gave me goosebumps. 🙂 Matching the binding to the front of the quilt is a great touch and a perfect way to stretch your metallic pearl bracelet binding.

  4. The quilt looks amazing and love how you did different quilting designs in each of the strips. So much fun. Congrats on the finish!

  5. This quilt is filled with memories of your sweet Mommy who loved you & your Sis with all of her heart. Aunt Wendy and I agree totally. This quilt and your touching memories made us swell up with pride for who you have become & yes, how extremely talented you are. Indeed, your fabric choices are perfect, the quilting is magnificent, and how about taking a bow young lady! Love you to the moon, Grammma

  6. This is such a fun and quirky quilt. It is beautiful, but it is loaded with personality too.
    We used to play loud music when cleaning too! It had to be loud to be heard over the vacuum cleaner.

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