Wednesday Happenings

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Wednesday!

I recently mentioned a not-so-secret quilt to a friend, and it suddenly hit me how many projects I have that are ‘secret’ only because I haven’t shared them! I know there are quilters out there who can work on one project steadily, without breaking up the work flow. I am not one of those such magical creatures. Not even close. So I thought I would share a few quick snippets of what I’m working on these days. Ready?

This is a project that I affectionately refer to as the crazy cat lady quilt. I’ll share more on my thought processes behind it someday, but for now the quick blurb: This floral I’ve had since, ummm, 2012? waiting for the perfect inspiration. In a clean up, the green cat face print from Catnap fell on top of it, and as they say, the rest is history. I’m working on creating several blocks of varying sizes and will eventually join them with some improv/alternate grid work. Lots of black, chartreuse/pickle, and coral. Fun, right?

Smiles Too Loudly: Crazy Cat Lady quilt blocks mashed up together

Since this summer is about sewing for me (remember?), I picked back up my Supernova blocks. Now I just need to keep the momentum going and finish it out!!! Anyone want to take bets on if it’ll happen before 2016? I think this is my most picked up and put back project to date…

Smiles Too Loudly: Two Friendship Supernova Blocks

I’m also working on a quilt of my own design, with the intent of either selling it, or releasing it as a free tutorial. I don’t want to give too much away, but it uses this charm pack of Persimmon I picked up during a fun day with quilty friends.

Smiles Too Loudly: Persimmon Charm Pack

The completion of the Farmer’s Wife quilt is still on the agenda, I just have to work through an idea or two. Here’s what I’m leaning towards currently (the strip idea didn’t look great in person; the blocks got washed out).

Smiles Too Loudly: An idea for reimagining the Farmer's Wife Quilt

Last but not least, I’ve been invited to join in the Fabri-Quilts New Block Hop at the end of this month!!! So now I need to design a block…

2015 Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop

How many projects do you work on at a time? Are you like me, flitting from project to project? Or more purposed working on one project until completion?

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7 thoughts on “Wednesday Happenings

  1. The crazy cat lady quilt sounds like it has a great story and I really look forward to learning more about that project. It helps that I feel like a crazy cat lady. 🙂 I really like the churn dash / square in a square layout you have sketched for the Farmer’s Wife finish – and I am guessing all that yellow in the sketch isn’t an accident. 🙂 It is going to be so fun to see everyone’s blocks for the new block blog hop… and lately I’ve been feeling like I have 1001 projects going at the same time. It might help if I listed them out just to quiet the chaos in my mind about what to focus on next.

    1. Ditto pretty much everything Yvonne said. I literally just made a list of everything because I was starting to feel overwhelmed just trying to remember them all and juggle my ideas for each project. I much prefer only one or two projects at a time.

  2. All your projects look like they are fun, a blog hop is always fun for so many reasons. Im one of those sad folk who work on a project till its finished, to some isnt fun but it does keep me motivated to finish one so I can move on to my next one 🙂

  3. I get overwhelmed by the projects I have going on sometimes. Then I have to make a clear list of what I want to accomplish to get headed in the right direction. Slow and steady wins the race with projects, I think 😉

  4. Loved seeing what you were hiding. I have been creating a new autumn quilt, some sketches for paintings and some planned gifts still flitting around in my mind….doesn’t everyone? In the meantime I received a new book, …reading, stitching, painting & rearranging antiques. ha, I am so very pleased to know you are enjoying your sewing for Sarah!
    Your projects are all so inspiring.

  5. I flit from project to project like a crazy person.
    Speaking of crazy, my beautician, who is also a cat breeder, says you need at least five cats to qualify as a crazy cat lady. I can see five cat faces already in the photo of your quilt, so the name fits!
    Do finish your supernova. I have seen Joanna’s in the flesh and it is amazing. Yours will be too.

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