Octopuses, Submarines, and a heat wave

Hi! Have you melted yet? It seems most of us are experiencing some of the hottest days so far this year, which is, well, less than desirable. Here in the Northeast it’s very warm and very muggy. Ironically, all those people who complained about the snow this winter are now complaining about the heat… Guess you can’t make some people happy.

Speaking of happy — I finished a queen size quilt top!!! 96″ x 96″  Ta-da! It started with fighting octopuses…

It's a little wrinkly...
It’s a little wrinkly…

The humidity tends to set in any wrinkles, can you tell? This also isn’t even the whole quilt top; part is draped over the railing so it wouldn’t fly away.  Photo shoots don’t always go so well. See, I have proof:

best laid plans

It slipped just before the timer went off. I did this photo shoot by myself using a tripod and a timer, so there were a few outtakes. Would you like to see the proof that it was warm and muggy? Do you see the little photo bomb above? No? Let me zoom in for you.

hot day zoom in

My glasses kept sliding down my face, so I took them off. I didn’t realize they made it into the photo till I was editing the pictures. Oh well, you don’t mind, do you?

So how is summer going for you? Are you camped in front of the AC like me? Off at the beach? Or are you down under, snuggling under a quilt?

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8 thoughts on “Octopuses, Submarines, and a heat wave

  1. Hahaha those glasses are totally unacceptable! I mean really, Sarah, no one wants to see them. Hurray for finishing such a big ass quilt top!

  2. Wow, 96 by 96? That is awesome – is it going to be for your bed, and are you planning to quilt it yourself? Man, our A/C is busted and no one is returning our calls; they must be busy this summer. So I’ve been wearing as little as possibly acceptable and hanging out in the produce section of the grocery store when I need to cool down.

  3. Now that is a summery looking quilt. But I would use it any time of the year, because looking at it gives me that “happy” feeling. My glasses are always slipping too. I loved the days when I could wear contacts, and now my prescription has changed and they can’t seem to get them right.
    I live in the Northeast too, and today, it’s finally a little cooler, Yay!!

  4. Super cute!! All I gotta’ say is Thank You Lord for Central A/C!! It’s nasty muggy, sticky icky outside here in NW Iowa. However inside it’s absolutely ~B.YOU.Tee.Full~ **smirks** I haven’t opened my sewing room door for 2 whole months~proud you have made it a priority for your Summer!!

  5. I really hope this is a keeper quilt for you! Beautiful. Congratulations on completing! As for the red glasses=super cute. Enjoying your blog. Lots of smiles.

  6. This came out so nicely Sarah! 96×96 is quite an undertaking, I hope you have AC in your sewing area, I know I’ve been boiling every time I turn the iron on in my room this past week.

  7. No heatwave Down Under! I spent the evening on the sofa watching a silly movie. I was wearing sheepskin slippers and wedged between the cat and the dog for warmth. A lovely big quilt like that could be handy right now.
    All of my photos are with a tripod. I wobble too much without. My glasses are red too but never leave my face. Too blind! How lovely that you can still see without them.

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