Back Problems

How do you go about making a back for a quilt? Especially for a larger quilt? I finished the top I was working on, combining batiks with Tula Pink, and needed a back.

DSC_0378 logo

It’s large: 76″ x 95″. To do a pretty typical back, just joining two lengths of yardage, I’d need 6 yards. I didn’t have 6 yards lying around, so I’m piecing the back. To ensure it’s large enough (a problem I’ve struggled with in the past), I’m pinning the chunks to the quilt top as I go. It does make it a little slower, and a little easier to start being knitpicky about placement, but it’s working. Sometimes, you’ve just got to go with what works, right?

yes, I'm short and need a step stool nearly all the time
yes, I’m short and need a step stool nearly all the time

(If you’re wondering about my Farmer’s Wife… well, when I played with the fabric on the floor, the blocks got a little lost. So I need to do more experimenting. And thinking.)

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5 thoughts on “Back Problems

  1. Back Problems~ Maybe it’s just me but I prefer to utilize pretty bed sheets & large blocks of color to help solve of the problem. Otherwise it ‘feels’ like I am making an entire new quilt when I piece the backing. But there are times when piecing the backing that I begin to like the back more than the front…screwy I know but that’s just how life is sometimes. See the freedom in quilting?! We all do things differently, yet all create wonderful keepsakes for those we love.

  2. I usually start with a piece of paper and draw a rectangle of how big the top is and add my extra inches. Then I see what fabric I have available, writing down ideas on my paper. While I do have a large design wall, I have found it easier to lay the top on the floor and cover it with the pieces of the back as I make them. I start with the largest pieces first. Most of the time I work in rows so it is easy to rearrange them on the floor. Then pick them up and sew the rows together!

  3. Your title made me worried you had back problems! So glad it is only backing you were talking about. 😉 For a quilt that big I tend to break down and buy broadcloth instead of piecing something together. Sometimes I have spent more time and tears on getting a backing made for a quilt top!

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