Summer of Sarah Sewing…Farmer’s Wife

A lovely summer stomach bug has had me laid up for a little bit, so I still have one last deadline to complete before I can fully jump into Sarah Sewing. However, last night, while nibbling saltines, I managed to mock up a quilt that’s been in my head for a little while.

2014-09-01 15.33.26

Back in October, I asked for advice on how to finish up my Farmer’s Wife quilt. Yes, it’s taken me eight months to get back to that. See, nothing felt right. Yes, I could make more six inch blocks. Yes, I could make lots more blocks in varying sizes, a la Moda Building Blocks quilt. Yes, I could just use what I have and put a border on it to make it the right size. All of those feel like I’m prioritizing done over lovely…It’s waited nearly 4 years, it could wait for lovely.

2014-09-01 15.23.00


2014-09-01 15.31.24

Last week I saw this post from Yvonne at Quilting Jet Girl. Something about those horizontal stripes had my brain going. I just loved the way she used them to break up the more intricate blocks. Maybe something like that would be a lovely finish for the dusty, neglected Farmer’s Wife blocks?

2014-09-01 15.26.36

So, last night, I pulled up Google Draw and sketched it out… and got really really excited. I think this is going to work! It’s a very rough sketch — Google Draw is not exactly designed for this, but I think it conveys the idea enough that you can understand my excitement.

Farmer's Wife Mock Up

Most of the fabrics from the original Farmer’s Wife blocks are living in a bin somewhere, and it’s not like my fabric tastes have really changed. I still like the bright, bold citrus-y colors I started with, so I’m sure I can find a few coordinating prints in my stash. I’m thinking 2.5″ strips, so I can use up some binding scraps, maybe toss in an odd charm square or two. Some of the blocks were made to be placed en point, so I’ll have to add some setting corners, but that’s no big deal.  What do you think? Is it as lovely and exciting as I think? Or am I still feverish?


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12 thoughts on “Summer of Sarah Sewing…Farmer’s Wife

  1. I like the idea. I have some Dear Jane blocks I made that I have the same problem with. I don’t want to make the whole quilt but haven’t found a fun way to set them yet.

  2. Whatever you decide is fine with me, because I know you will make it Marvelous! But I don’t see you utilizing our hard work with the FW Blocks like this, perhaps if the strips were wider? Although from my mind’s eye, the idea with the stripes is marvelous with a solid block of color randomly thrown in to break the line of sight. Just my thoughts…don’t take my coffee away just yet !!
    ❤ ya

  3. I think this could work a la the bottom part of the Gypsy Wife quilt, where the blocks are interspersed with strips. Do you plan to use prints or solids, or both?

  4. Yay!! This looks perfect! See, if you had tried to finish it any sooner, you wouldn’t have had this amazing inspiration and idea. So, the take home here is its always best to wait…. Maybe! 😉

  5. Interesting…creative, like idea, but scrambles my senses…..However, you are an engineer and artist and this quilt whispers w h y n o t? I definitely like it!

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