Summer of Sarah Sewing…

Well, the Summer of Sarah Sewing was supposed to start yesterday, did you remember? I got so excited by the idea a few weeks ago that I ignored all my deadlines and started early — so now I’m frantically playing catch up.

Basting for a deadline
Basting for a deadline


Well, I have to make sure it is flat before you baste it...
Well, I have to make sure it is flat before you baste it…

For one of my deadlines, I needed a piece of voile for a quilt back, so of course I ordered it from Hawthorne Threads (not affiliated, just a fan). Of course, I added a few more things to my order, as you do. Unfortunately, when it came there was a few wrong pieces. The customer service at Hawthorne Threads is just amazing, and they got me the right fabrics in just a matter of days — and let me keep the wrong ones!!! Now, getting to keep fabric you didn’t order may sound terrible, and I’ve heard and seen some really crazy fabrics being sent wrongly. However, my “wrong” fabric was Architextures text print, so I was pretty excited.

My guild had a birthday!!! I survived the first year!
My guild had a birthday!!! I survived the first year!
Quilting, quilting, quilting
Quilting, quilting, quilting

It sat on my (very messy) sewing table for a day or two, then a scrap of binding fell on top of the black text print, and when I saw that I knew I had my first Sarah Sewing project.

Binding prepped
Binding prepped

The binding is a cotton sateen that I picked up at a local quilt store to use on this quilt. Since I so rarely measure my quilts, I had picked up a yard to be on the safe side — the very very safe side it turned out. I used all the extra cut binding to make several of these slash blocks, with additional black fabrics. Side note: who knew a yellow loving girl would have so much black fabric in her stash? Oh yes, Gramma knew, she calls me Bumblebee…always has.

Only a few of the blocks...
Only a few of the blocks…


I love piles of trimmings
I love piles of trimmings

So now, once I stop procrastinating and finish those deadlines, I get to finish this. I’m thinking lots of white space between the blocks… Then super awesome quilting in my best imitation of Pretty Bobbins and the Elven Garden.

How do you like my design floor?
How do you like my design floor?

8 thoughts on “Summer of Sarah Sewing…

  1. Oooh you’ve been busy as a bee! Ha…ha..oh man. But really, you have a lot of stuff going on! Those black and purple blocks are so different than your usual, it fun to see!

  2. ^^ I am laughing at Renee 🙂 (but mostly because I was thinking the same thing!). So are you still deadline sewing for others? I look forward to seeing where the black, white, and purple ends up. It’s a fun mix up for you in color!

  3. The floor is an essential design tool! It is also handy for cutting, basting …
    My rule of thumb is to buy a metre to bind anything. I always have leftovers, but that is half the fun.
    Glad to see you sewing for yourself, even if it means a bit of juggling deadline chaos.

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