WIP Wednesday: A Letter for Readers

Happy Wednesday!!! Exactly one week to the day when I’ll be leaving for QuiltCon. So all the excitement, panic, anticipation, jitters, worries, and every other emotion you can think of has started. And the list of what to do before I leave is growing, and growing…I have to remind myself to sleep! Sleep deprivation is supposed to come AFTER QuiltCon, not BEFORE!

So, rather than showing you a pile of fabric and an empty suitcase, I thought I’d share this letter addressed to all of my wonderful readers.

Dear Not-ladys and Not-furnitures,

The proprietor of this internet establishment, in her infinite buffoonery, has deemed it wise to engage in activities which have not heretofore been approved by myself, her felinious supervisor. I am unsure of what has driven her to this particular, disturbing form of dementia, but so it has been done, and I cannot — in good conscience — allow it to continue without recourse. Indeed, it is perhaps my fault that Lady has given herself to whim of circumstance and begun to sew — and it disgusts me to write…


Balderdash, say I! What purpose could such garments serve? Are not her usual piddly rags enough? Why must she divert time from what is clearly her only role — the construction of quilts for my enjoyment — to make such silly little things as skirts and dresses? What a foolish pastime. What a shirking of her clear and obvious responsibility to me, her rightful leigelord. Indeed, she has gone astray, and I fear that without help, she may never return to the path of the righteous. By the grace of Bastet, I write to ask your help in returning this lost one to the ways of the right-set quilter. No more skirts! Only quilts! Perhaps a bag on occasion. No more of this foolish haberdashery and seamstressing. Quilts!

Yours Sincerely,
John Edensor Littlewood II (Feline)

These are mine now.
These are mine now.

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12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: A Letter for Readers

  1. Bwahahahaha! I love it! The letter is so perfect and perfectly targeted to me. I make up these kind of conversations with my own feline all. the. time. At least he seems resolved to cuddling with your stash in the short term. 🙂

  2. Matching outfits!!! Do it!! LOL this is hilarious, even though I do not have a cat and never have, so I can’t really relate. I agree on the 100 points for using balderdash and haberdashery in one post! LOL ps. You’re making garments!? Oh brave one!

  3. Rolling over on my carpet with laughter! Please consider more letters & starting a fan club …this feline is one hilarious fellow. Have a wonderful trip!

  4. *snork* He obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about because your garments came out wonderful!! So your next post will have to be pictures of them in action at Quilting! 😚

  5. Hilarious! My cat thinks I spend hours, days, weeks and months purely to make him the world’s fanciest cat beds too. I guess that is better than the truth – that I make them for no real reason, just ‘because’.

  6. You are brave to wander into the Land of Clothing. Not that I’m saying I don’t condone clothes in and of themselves…but I suppose the Land of the Haberdashery may be more on point. Isn’t it just so fun, though, to receive a compliment on something you’re wearing and to be able to giggle to yourself and think, “if only she knew I MADE it!”

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