Finished Quilt: FQS Layers of Charm

So a couple of months ago, Fat Quarter Shop contacted me to test/blog a new quick quilt of theirs – Layers of Charm. Yes, there was a frantic text to friends and a happy dance! Little ole me was going to get to participate in one of those big giant blog hops. Squee!!!

Warm quilt, cold snow and my in-laws wood pile... I'm sure there's some kind of statement in here...
Warm quilt, cold snow and my in-laws wood pile… I’m sure there’s some kind of statement in here…

But then came the agonizing. What layer cake to use?? Do I buy something new and fun? Do I use something I have? At some point, I’m pretty sure my husband was ready to cut off my internet access as I kept sending him link after link after link, to see what he liked. As a good husband, his response was always “Whatever you like honey.” NOT HELPFUL!!!!

Figure 8 quilting, but only on the prints!
Figure eight quilting, but only on the prints!

In the end, I went with Social Club by Eric & Julie Comstock. Not too super old, but very me. And very little chance of someone else using the same line. See, that was my worry. With so many super popular lines out there, I didn’t want to do the same quilt as someone else. I guess that’s the little quilty rebel in me.

The back full shot. Lots of trees!
The back full shot. Lots of trees! And I love the solid strip that shows all the quilting.

There was one other slight hitch. The pattern, as written, finishes at about 58″ square. Not having children, and having a giant husband, 58″ square is just not too practical. So, I asked the nice people at FQS if I could add borders, or change up the pattern, and they said yes! (Hence, nice people :D) So I added a few borders, used up the few extra layer cake pieces. (And added one square from a different line of fabric. Can you spot the April Rosenthal fabric?)

I just love this shot :D
I just love this shot 😀

I know I briefly mentioned before that my wonderful husband gave me a new Juki 2010Q for Christmas this year. And the day after I opened up the box, I started this quilt. So not only is it my first quilt for someone like FQS, but also my first quilt on my Juki!!! And boy does it do a great job – especially on the quilting! I really went to town on the quilting and just jumped in with ideas, without a second thought as to whether it was possible. And it’s so fast! I think I made the whole quilt in under two weeks (which for me, is INCREDIBLY fast!) Now it’s up to you to decide if the credit goes to a fabulously quick pattern, or a fabulous machine.

I just love woodgrain quilting. And those giant pebbles!!! Soooo much fun to do!
I just love woodgrain quilting. And those giant pebbles!!! Soooo much fun to do!
Just a few little spirals along the bottom.
Just a few little spirals along the bottom.

If you’re looking for a quick quilt, Layers of Charm is definitely a great option. Even more for fabrics with large prints, like the alphabet print here. I would hate to loose some of those letters with tiny piecing. With the borders I added this finishes at about 58″ x 90″ which is a pretty good lap size. I would know too. It’s been heavily quality tested the last few weeks, and gets approval all the way around. Husband and feline approved.

This quilting was soooooo much fun to do!!!
This quilting was soooooo much fun to do!!!

Quick Stats:
Pattern: Layers of Charm by Fat Quarter Shop
Fabric: Social Club by Eric & Julie Comstock, Best Day Ever by April Rosenthal, Bella Chartreuse
Batting: Pellon Natural Touch
Backing: Roughing It by Laurie Wisbrun + scraps
Binding: An older Moda print from my LQS (which I’ve considered as a binding THREE times before, and finally made it happen!)
Size: 58″ x 90″

Just a peak of the back and the great striped binding
Just a peak of the back and the great striped binding

31 thoughts on “Finished Quilt: FQS Layers of Charm

  1. I love seeing how all my blogging friends interpreted this quilt differently. I love the look of your added borders. The negative space is awesome and the color is a perfect contrast to the rest of the blocks. Congrats on the blog hop and the new Juki!!! And beautiful quilting, my friend.

  2. This looks great, Sarah! I really love that they let you modify the pattern to make the quilt useful for your and your husband. Congratulations on your first finish with the Juki – yay!!

  3. Congrats on such an exciting finish! I love your choice of fabric and the chartreuse and the quilting and the larger size!!! I can just imagine all the happy dances as this progressed 🙂

  4. I completely agree about the size, and your solution is beautiful! Those borders frame the Layers of Charm blocks perfectly. Your quilting is SO inspiring! There are so many things I want to try – I need to just jump in and not be afraid. Lovely quilt, Sarah!

  5. I really love the way you quilted this and how you added the borders to it! I love big and comfy even if it is a lap quilt, so your resolution was perfect. I may have to add a border the next time I make this quilt. This is yummy!

  6. Another quilt, your style & the colors/fabric whisper comfort and cozy. Purrfectly wonderful for you and your kitty cat~! Big kudos to hubby for knowing which sewing machine you were ready for.

  7. Hahahah! I love the excitement expressed by your story, and I TOTALLY know how you feel! That’s kind of how I was, except I had already decided I was going to use Doe, so my panicked obsession was more over how to get my hands on some and less about what fabrics to choose. Yours is lovely, and the borders work nicely to extend it! I’m thinking mine will be a cuddle quilt for the couch, but if I make the pattern again, I’m feeling brave and might make a BIG one!

  8. I love your border! Also I think you need to start doing FMQ tutorials or something so people like me can learn all your skillz!

    My husband is useless when it comes to picking fabrics too. Oh well, at least if he complains about not liking it I can be all “I ASKED YOU OPINION!!!!”

  9. Awesome job!! the Quilt is & Quilting are Wonderful! Love that you made it longer….I have tall sons….so this idea would be great for me to make them each one,,with borders! lol Thanks! 🙂

  10. Gotta love a quilting rebel! This great quilt looks like it was also fun to do. Thanks for sharing your creative attitude!

  11. Beautiful quilt. I love the fabric you chose and the addition of borders makes it even more beautiful. I also got a Juki for Christmas, but I haven’t had a chance to do any FMQ. Yours looks amazing.

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