Almost human again

I’ve missed you guys!!! I’ve been so out of touch with the world for the last few weeks – I had some wisdom teeth complications, then all four nasty impacted buggers came out and left me on heavy painkillers for the last couple of weeks. But almost all the pain is gone, and I can chew semi-real food again!! Anyone who has been on a mostly liquid diet for anything longer than 3 days knows what joy that brings.


I don’t have any pictures from the good camera to share just yet (we can blame the New England weather we’ve been having) but here’s a little run down of what I’ve been working on in between naps, with a few Instagram photos to break up the wall of text.

Dr. Seuss baby quilt – I decided it didn’t work for the intended recipient, so it’s been placed aside for now.


This quilt top made from part of an Urban Zoologie panel, to replace the Dr. Seuss baby quilt.



A few AMH diamonds…. final product is a secret!


A skirt for me!! Yes, I took the garment sewing plunge again, and this time I’m super happy with the final product. It’s going to make its debut at a guild meeting this weekend (weather permitting)


Another baby quilt, wonky improv log cabins…


And a few quilt backs that I don’t seem to have any pictures of..

And so, so many more ideas! And there’s that ubiquitous QuiltCon prep list. Are you coming to Austin? Exactly two weeks until take-off!!!!!

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10 thoughts on “Almost human again

  1. Can’t wait to get together with you! Glad you are getting out of the fog of yucky surgery and your list of stuff accomplished looks rather large, so that is good!

  2. I can’t believe it is only 2 weeks away! Sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth troubles, but I am glad that you are on the mend. I hope the weather holds and you can wear your skirt – fun! 🙂

  3. Wow, you have had a busy week! I feel your pain with the wisdom teeth extraction. Hope you’re feeling better and not in pain any more!

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