2015? Already?

Well, December just flew by in a storm of glitter, ribbon, and Kleenex.  I really need to stop being sick so much…really cuts down on the productive sewing time!!!

Bright colors do make me happy....
Bright colors do make me happy….

So right around now is when everyone starts listing off their resolutions, word(s) for the year, etc, etc. I thought a lot about what I would choose if I joined in with 15 in 2015…I got to number 4 before I ran out. I guess I’m just not one for goals? But I thought I’d post them anyway, with a small review of what I’ve made this year, if only to remind myself. 🙂

1.) Less deadlines — I started 2014 with 3 (or was it 4?) monthly bees, signed up for 3 (or was it 4?) more swaps, 1 commission, and one family project. I think removing most of the deadlines will help with the stress level (and maybe the sick too!).

2.) Use more of my stash — I think this is on everyone’s list, right? I haven’t seen a 2014 recap or resolutions list that said “Buy more fabric!” This week I already made strides towards this. Cut an entire baby quilt out of what I had on hand. It did help that I felt too sick to put real pants on and go to a fabric store, and I stayed completely offline.  But I have tons and tons and tons of fabric (seriously, ask my husband), and I love nearly all of it (there’s a few I only have a deep abiding affection for), so I should use it, let it out into the world to make others happy too!

3.) Make a quilt for my poor long suffering husband. I’ve started three explicitly for him. One went to my aunt as an emergency feel better soon present. The other two are just languishing in a pile here and there. That doesn’t include his college quilt that I’m working on fixing for him. He did give me a sewing machine for Christmas (more on that later) so he probably deserves a quilt by now…..

4.) Do more for me. This one isn’t a strictly quilty based one, but is more of an overall lifestyle goal. I tend to put others first, all the time, and that is just not sustainable (see honey? I do listen). I need to spend a little less time scouring the internet, buying fabric, etc, and more to take care of myself. The last 10 weeks I’ve been taking ice skating lessons, no reason behind them other than it sounded like fun. And I need to do more things like that – make a quilt just because I can, not because I need to; go to the beach just to read for the day, not because its a great photo background for quilts; make dinners because they are yummy and healthy, not just because they’re fast and I can get back to my to do list faster. You get the idea.

Turns out this engineering, hard data kind of girl only put one quantitative thing on the list…. Must be the cold medicine. 🙂

Now onto pretty quilt pictures!!!! (and the numbers!)

By far my favorite quilt this year was Take the A Train. It’s yellow, bright, happy, and challenged me as a quilter.


I took those quilting skills a little farther when I made Bailey Squares later in the year. A few days of clamshell quilting later, and I could confidently say: I can FMQ.

2014-08-18 16.23.38

I made two mini quilts for swap items, one international and one within the BMQG. A few quilt tops still unblogged (oops). Joined the Seacoast MQG. Made three pillows, and countless other little pouches and things. Countless because I forget to record them here… Maybe that should be my 5th goal?

2014-07-02 06.01.16

Close up

There was the Friendship Supernova Swap — have you seen Jo’s finished quilt??? Now everyone is going to taunt me with sad puppy eyes until mine is finished. Anyone else hear the Jeopardy theme?

A drawing Jo did of our quilt - Isn't it fantastic!?!
A drawing Jo did of our quilt – Isn’t it fantastic!?!

My biggest undertaking of the year though didn’t actually involve my sewing machine. This summer I founded/started the Runamok Modern Quilting Guild Right now we’re averaging an attendance of about 20 people, with many many more on the mailing list, and more signing up nearly every day.

Woody - BMQG WIP

2015 is looking good so far — Continue to grow Runamok, attend QuiltCon (!), make more quilts. Always make more quilts. 😀

Happy New Year!!!!


9 thoughts on “2015? Already?

  1. Lovely recap. You really did accomplish a lot in addition to working a full time job with a long commute. I admire your commitment to others and participating in charity bees as well as starting a guild. I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings for you.

  2. Are you now a member of 3 modern quilt guilds?? I’m kinda bummed there isn’t one in the Worcester area cause the other ones are tricky for me to get to sometimes. That mini is so neat, really love all your work this past year. Good for you for prioritizing yourself this year!

  3. Not a goal based person either really. And coming up with a list of 15 things would take me a year. Do you live in a town called Runamok? In Australia (maybe it’s everywhere? Not sure) we have a saying run a muck, meaning to cause great havoc. Does this suit your town?!

  4. I could only think of three or four goals (not one SMART goal), nowhere near fifteen, and my (mental) list looks a lot like yours.
    Oh, yes, we plan to taunt you with sad puppy eyes until your supernova quilt is finished!

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