The quilting is done!!! For the last week I have been working on quilting a queen size quilt my grandmother made – and I’m going to make it in time to mail for Christmas!


No, I don’t have a long arm, just a standard sized domestic machine. But I do have an understanding husband who doesn’t mind pizza and sandwiches for dinner for the last week (except the night he made me an omlette!). I also have a stubborn streak a mile wide that refused to let this quilt beat me. 😀


It was ‘just’ a simple meandering loop with a few stars thrown in. Really only difficult in the dead center of the quilt. I used a variegated cotton thread from Guttermann for the first time and worked pretty well. And it was fun to watch the color changes.


I promise better pictures soon – for now, these iPhone photos will just have to do.

How’s your mad dash to the finish line going?

(Linking to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced)


9 thoughts on “Progress…

  1. So Happy to SEE it done!! I just know your cousin Johnny is going to love his gift of love from the both of you, that is Gramma Ray & Cousin Sarah. I am positively sure he will be sleeping warm this winter!! Thank you so much for helping Mom/ Gramma out. Love you Sweetie!! ❤

  2. Absolutely fantastic Sarah! Johnny will love it!! You are amazing …all this without sleep I am sure. Love you to the moon, and a million thank yous! Your antique grammma

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