On Moving Forward…

Soooo, by now you’ve probably heard that QuiltCon acceptances went out last night. My entry – Take the A-Train – was not accepted. And I’m think I’m really close to being okay with that. It’s becoming very apparent that whoever is in charge of these things was going for a certain aesthetic, and mine didn’t fit.

Detail of quilting

It’s okay. Not everyone can like 12 shades of yellow all mushed together. But it still makes me happy. And so many wonderful people told me how much they love it too. 🙂 Jess at Quilty Habit did a great post, as did Jess at The Elven Garden. So, after much thinking, and grumbling to Karin and Stephanie (thank you ladies!), I’m just going to keep making quilts that make me happy, and excited to finish, and wholly all around me. So if I don’t have to mail them off to a show, shucks darn, I’ll just have to keep it. 🙂

And now for something completely different. This is the queen sized quilt I’m quilting for my grandmother. Let me clarify – my grandmother pieced it, I’m quilting it for her. Just a simple loopy pattern with a few stars.


Gotta keep moving on with those lists, right? Also, at different times in the last few weeks several friends and cousins have announced their pregnancies, so we all know what that means right? Baby quilts! Which are super exciting to plan, because they are always fun and happy, and they’re small and easy to quilt.

A little economy block, just because...
A little economy block, just because…

What are some of your favorite baby quilt patterns?


13 thoughts on “On Moving Forward…

  1. Good attitude to have! While I was lucky enough to have two accepted, I did have three that weren’t accepted (two of which were in magazines). It’s hard not to take it personal, but you have to stop and realize that you love these quilts and that’s all that matters.

  2. Bummer that your happy yellow quilt didn’t get into QuiltCon. I totally agree with your positive attitude to just keep plugging along. (My entry didn’t get in to QuiltCon either.)

  3. I don’t love yellow or orange (I think the fact that my MIL LOVES it has pushed me away, haha), but I think your quilt is really interesting, and certainly strikes me as modern. I’ve calmed down a lot from my initial upset and disappointment over being rejected, but now I’m just annoyed that we weren’t told the ball park figure of how many they intended to accept (I’ve heard it was like 25% of the 1300+ entries)–I would have liked to prepare myself better for rejection, or that they didn’t tell us what they were looking for! I mean, jeez I busted my pseudo-modern butt to make a very modern quilt and when it didn’t get in I felt like such a failure in this stupid modern movement. And I totally don’t see why some quilts got in while others didn’t–I wish there was some way to understand the juror’s POV on what was accepted, ya know? Ah well, it’s just a show, and I most certainly used the money I saved on shipping it there and back on some fabric-therapy 🙂

  4. Im a big believer in things happen for a reason, look at the positives that came from your lovely quilt?, things you learnt while doing it, conversations before and after it was completed. Disappointment is hurtful and does make you rethink or look at things differently. Just remember you love it and so do others, keep positive as there will be other wonderful things for you in the coming year 🙂

  5. Your entry is stunning!! I’m with you though, all we can do is keep on making what we love, and enter them in other (less restrictive?) shows next year. Or not. It’s the process and finished item that really counts, right?

  6. I can’t help but think that there needs to be another quilting “movement” as it seems like most of us are technically not “modern” quilters but are in between that and traditional. Out of the rejects I’ve seen yours is up there as one of the most modern though!

    I wonder if they’ll take Rainbow Awesome Supernova ? :/

  7. I’ve seen so many posts from people whose entries weren’t accepted and I’m seriously wondering why they weren’t. I know there’s a limit, but it seems that knowing that limit would be helpful to the entrants. I’ve also seen where some folks have had multiple entries accepted and that makes me curious – do those designs fall into a certain “type” or do the jurors recognize the work of a more well known entrant? Hard to say I guess……

    FYI – I like your 12 shades of yellow mushed together and think it would have been perfect for QuiltCon! 🙂

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