Just keep sewing, sewing, sewing

‘Tis the season to overfill your plate, and that goes for the sewing to-do plate as well. For some reason, I just keep piling it on, but here’s the ever so dreaded list for December. You’ll notice its a little vague… Can’t be giving away any surprises, right?

  • Handmade swap items for guild parties.
  • Christmas presents and decorations.
  • Party skirt for guild parties.
  • Crazy Christmas dress.
  • Quilt a queen.
Just a little sneak peek of a few things....
Just a little sneak peek of a few things….

Just keep sewing, right? How’s your list coming? Anyone else ready for a “long winter’s nap?”

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11 thoughts on “Just keep sewing, sewing, sewing

  1. Yes! I wrote out my list last night because it was overwhelming me, as it was bouncing around my head. It seems a bit less daunting on paper, but still is quite long considering my sewing time. I thought about posting it up on my blog, but I’d have to make it SO vague it wouldn’t even be that helpful! Maybe that’s ok? Either way, I crossed one project off my list today with the completion of my bag! Now it’s on to gifts. Good luck with your list!

  2. My list gets stuff added to it faster than I can finish things. I make two things and add three to the list! As long as I keep chipping away at the list, finish my Dear Jane top (just the top!) and knit up half the wool on my stepdaughter’s wedding present before the end of the year, everything else can take as long as it wants.
    How does one quilt the Queen? Wouldn’t that be painful for Her Majesty? 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing the dress! It sounds like something I would like.

  3. Secret holiday sewing is well underway. I was so stressed out last year and almost drove myself crazy. This year I paired down my list and only focused on making gifts for very special people. For once I am actually taking my own advice. Good luck on finishing your own list, a holiday skirt for a guild party just sounds exquisite!

  4. Right?? For some reason, it does’t feel irresponsible to add another handmade item to the list to make, but then suddenly December is much shorter than any other month it seems!

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