Fall is my favorite…for so many reasons

The weather is starting to turn cooler here in New England, and yes! the trees are starting to turn!!! But I’m not excited or anything….

For most, September marks the end of the summer. For me, its the beginning of so much. This is the time of year I always feel the least obligated. No one asks what your plans for fall are. There’s no impetus to join the hundreds at the beach or lake. You don’t need to check the weather to plan your grocery store trips as you do in the winter. There’s no worries about getting your body ready for bikini season.


Instead there is apple picking and cider donuts. Pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving meal planning. Bad hair day? Just pull on a cozy knitted hat. Nowhere to be on Sunday — curl up under a quilt and a cat and read a good book. Especially with a mug of mulled cider or spicy hot cocoa.


Fall is, and always has been my favorite season. But not just for atmosphere and food. I have a lot of personal milestones linked with fall.

9 years ago, I met my husband in the fall.

4 years ago I married him in the fall (and got my very own sewing machine!).


And last year, I started this blog in the fall.

And holy cornbread stuffing has this little space grown!!! In all of 2013, I got 97 views. In August 2014 alone there were 1,410 views of my wee little blog. So, because without you, it would still just be me reading and re-reading my own words, I’m going to do a giveaway. But, because I have a mean streak, I’m not going to tell you what you’ll be receiving. It’s just going to be a box of awesomeness, curated for you, with a healthy dash of yellow, arriving sometime in the next few months. I want to hear about your favorite fall memory. Is it jumping in leaves? Eating an apple right off the tree? Marrying your spouse? Let me know for a chance to win!Β  Β Giveaway is now closed – Yvonne (quiltingjetgirl) is the winner! Β Thank you for sharing all your wonderful memories!



24 thoughts on “Fall is my favorite…for so many reasons

  1. My favorite fall memory is walking on our farm in the fall. We would walk down the very long driveway at night and look up at the stars. It was always too hot to walk in the summer. We sold our farm a while back (we live in town now) and I don’t get to do this anymore. But I still love fall!

  2. My favorite fall memories center around friends and family gathered around a cozy house talking and laughing. But mostly, the memories center around the pumpkin pie! ha! πŸ™‚ I have a great group of friends, and our Halloween parties are something I always look forward to as well. Congratulations on so many wonderful fall memories! πŸ™‚

  3. Well, here in New Zealand we have fall (autumn) in April, and often Easter is in April so we have holidays. I remember going to Arrowtown in Central Otago as a child, and the leaves on the trees there turn beautiful colours. We used to collect acorns from the Oak trees, and throw ‘helicopters’ into the air from the Sycamore trees. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, and thank you for bringing back happy memories.

  4. I spent a lot of time in MA and miss it a lot, but I’ll be back someday. I was able to visit in Oct two years ago for my cousin’s wedding, oh the leaves & salt air! Fun fact…I grew up there, she grew up in Chicago and now we live in each others fav cities! I moved back to the Chicago area 10 years ago for a job. Halloween is my family’s favorite holiday, so the Saturday before you can find us all at our campgrounds for trick & treating, games and fun family time. And every Thanksgiving @ 2 PM, we are at another cousins house for dinner, it’s the one holiday where the time never changes!

  5. I love fall as well… hayrides, bonfires, cider, renewed energy coming in with the crisp air. Horseback riding around the countryside taking in all of the gorgeous color. Congratulations on your anniversaries!

  6. Happy anniversary!
    I love autumn, when the sting of the summer heat finally ends, but I don’t have an amazing autumn memory to share. When I lived in Japan, I loved visiting the gardens to admire the autumn colours. It was peaceful and beautiful. At home, we have fewer deciduous trees, so it is not as spectacular.

  7. Camping of any kind in the fall is my favorite thing about fall. Tent camping. Camper camping. Family camping. Just my husband and I camping. All camping!

  8. There is a gigantic tree behind my parents’ house, and my favorite fall memory is of me and my brothers trying to catch the leaves as they blew off the tree into our yard. Cloudy, crisp days with wind rustling through the leaves are still my favorite.

  9. Well Autumn just blends into every month (well, except the peak of Summer i guess) so no special memories here 😦 Our seasons are really “hot” and “cold” maybe a “cool” every now and then πŸ˜‰ next year’s Autumn might be good though with my May trip πŸ˜€ can my future memories count?!

  10. I got married last fall and just celebrated my one year anniversary, so I think fall is a great time of year to be married! My bouquet was maroons and oranges but I love your happy yellow flowers.

  11. To me Fall is the start of a new year. I think it’s a leftover feeling from school days. It’s a new beginning , where anything can happen. I love the colors and pumpkin!

  12. I have been a teacher for 26 years. So, the Fall to me is bittersweet. . . the end of an always fabulous Summer and a time to start a new school year. It a time of new beginnings each year! I do love fall foods and baking though. . . . apple pie, yum!

  13. My favorite fallish memory is of making tons of apple pies with my Mom when I was a kid. We had an apple tree in the back yard, my brother would “have to” climb the tree to pick apples. Then Mom and I, and whoever we could coerce into helping would peel and cut apples for hours. She would roll out lots of pie crusts and fill them. Some pies would get tucked into the freezer and one we could eat that night. Whoever had helped could bring a pie home to their family.

  14. When I was in highschool the drama club did a storybook hayride at a local apple orchard, and we would perform these quick skits for the wagons of little kids and then give them candy… But it basically boiled down to hanging out with friends in an orchard and occasionally having the interruption of the wagons! πŸ™‚
    Happy anniversary and yay fall!

  15. You do have wonderful memories ~ and happy anniversary!

    Ok, I’m dating myself. When I was a kid, we would rake the leaves in our yard and burn them. It was great fun ~ our own little bonfire! It’s probably a very good thing that it’s against the law now.

  16. Squee – that wedding photo!!! What a beautiful bride you were. πŸ™‚ I was married over Labor Day weekend so fall is important to me for that fun fact. But you can’t get better than apple cider donuts, apple picking and corn mazes. Happy fall girlie! πŸ™‚

  17. I might be a little late to join in, but I’m catching up on my blog reading and this is such a nice post. I also have a TON of happy fall memories– my birthday is September 20, my anniversary is October 1, my older son was born on our third anniversary and the younger was born on Thanksgiving almost four years ago. It makes fall a bit more about planning and visits and parties for us than snuggling and donuts (though we fit those in wherever possible), but fall is definitely a happy season in our house.

  18. Happy anniversary and blogiversary! I too love the fall – the crisp weather, pumpkin-flavored everything, scarves and boots, and how fall makes me want to knit All the Things. It’s my favorite.

  19. Hey, I know I’m too late for the competition, but I just wanted to tell you Autumn is my favourite season too. My birthday is in April (Australian autumn), my wedding anniversary is too, and the weather is generally not too hot or cold, and calm. I love sunny days and cool crisp mornings.

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