WIP Wednesday: Triangles….obsession?

Happy Wednesday! Yeah, that was more of a wish than a statement for me too. But we will get through this week, right?

I little while ago I signed up for the Angled class with Rachel at Stitched in Color. If you have never taken one of her classes, you need to change that at the first possible opportunity. I’m still kicking myself for passing on the Penny Sampler.

In addition to the advertised quilts, Rachel offers suggestions on what to do with triangle scraps. The suggestion she posted this week kind of lit a fire in my brain and the creative juices just bubbled over. I had cut triangles over a year ago with the purpose of making a standard triangle quilt. We know where this story is going, right? Well, it never happened — but after seeing what Rachel did, I knew the exact route to go. And then I found some perfect fabrics in my stash!

Here’s the layout of the backgrounds.

photo (1)

Kind of makes you think of strawberry lemonade, right? Just me? Oh well. My triangles were bigger than in Rachel’s tutorial, so I had to do a little math. Then a bit of sewing, and I got this.

photo (2)

A 22″ block! So, I only need 12! Okay, enough exclamation points, but I’m really excited where this is going.

On the flip side, I also made this over the Labor Day weekend, and need to quilt it up soon. (Updated: here’s the link if you want to make your own bats)

photo (3)

As it’s easy to do this time of year, I might be muddling my seasons a little. But I’m sure I’ll end up quilting my “strawberry lemonade” in the middle of a blizzard in January, and I will be very thankful for the cheer.

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7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Triangles….obsession?

  1. Ohmigosh!!! I completely love your triangles but I also had forgotten about the bat wallhanging.  Can you point me to that tutorial?   Love your post!!

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  2. WAH! I did do the Penny Sampler class but decided I didn’t have enough time to tackle Angled right now. After reading your post I’m so darn bummed. I’ll have to live vicariously through you these next few months. : ) Does that fabric pull look like strawberry lemonade? Yes, with a spring of mint.

  3. I love it, such a great use of the triangles! I love that block that Rachel created, so pretty. I love your bats too, but I get you, I totally end up finishing a quilt out of season!

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