Confessions of a Quilter

There’s a new phenomena spreading through quilty blog land – 10 confessions of a quilter. Amy at 13 Spools started it, and others have been chiming in, including my friend Chelsea (isn’t her blog adorable?)

So, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and share a few (well, 10) of my dirty little quilting secrets.

  1. I usually don’t iron before I cut. Unless its excruciatingly wrinkly.
  2. I really dislike Quilter’s Dream batting. It sheds as badly as my cat, but doesn’t look adorable and purr.
  3. I ask my husband’s opinion on nearly every design choice. Yes, he doesn’t really care.  And yes, I do usually ignore any opinion he gives.
  4. White and I don’t really get along. We had an argument about chocolate….
  5. I have an unhealthy unwavering addiction to novelty prints.
  6. I use my rotary cutter as a seam ripper.  Not some of the time, but the majority of the time.
  7. I don’t like AMH, Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler, or Cotton and Steel. There are one or two exceptions for each, but not many.
  8. Spray starch for $0.99 a giant can? Yes, please. More money for fabric.
  9. I machine bind quilts 99.9999% of the time. I always stab myself with hand needles, so why risk the blood stain at that late stage?
  10. I don’t bury quilting threads. I take a few stitches back and forth. Sometimes I get lucky and catch a low bobbin so I can finish that way too!

Can we still be friends?

What if I share an adorable kitty picture?


These are mine now.
These are mine now.

Friends now?


27 thoughts on “Confessions of a Quilter

  1. I was piecing a quilt the other day where I had decided not to re-iron my fabric after it sat for a while and I was thinking how naughty I felt and that there must be quilty goddesses somewhere rolling their eyes at me!

  2. Love your confessions, especially the designers you don’t like. Not that I don’t like them, but I like that you said what you don’t like — if that makes sense! We can definitely still be friends!

  3. LOL #3. . . SO guilty!! And I don’t do it all the time but #6 has happened more than once at my house 🙂 I love Quilter’s Dream Wool. . . still want to be friends?? LOL

  4. It’s funny because I felt the same about the batting you prefer when I tried it, but love Quilter’s Dream. Maybe something with different walking feet or something.

  5. I always ask my husband his opinion and get mad when he likes it. How am I supposed to know if he actually likes it because he likes it or if he’s just saying he likes it because I’d get mad if he didn’t?! lol. And if I offer two fabric choices to choose from I always question why he likes one when I like the other one better!

    Also, i try and cut around wrinkles. I’m not going to iron a whole fat quarter if i only need a 2″ square! Ironing sucks.

    1. Just a little tip…and I know this won’t get you to hand sew your bindings…but if you prick your finger and bleed on fabric, spit on the blood. The enzymes in your saliva will dissolve your own blood. Kinda gruesome but cool. It’s worked a few times for me.

  6. I ask my husband for opinions too. I don’t know why. I guess it is because the dog would always slavishly agree with me and the cat would just roll his eyes. Actually, now I think about it, the husband just rolls his eyes too. Now I really don’t know why I ask him. Sigh.

  7. Well done. I love the cats. I am reading a lot of these and finding a lot of quilters use starch. That’s new to me. Where, when and how do you use it in the process? I love the vanilla and chocolate argument too 🙂

  8. #6– that takes guts!

    So what batting do you like? I am tired of the piles of lint that I keep cleaning out of my machine. Is there a better brand? I have been using Warm and Natural.

  9. I should have had some of yours on my list! I don’t iron before cutting either, and I never bury quilting threads. Too much work. I just stitch back and forth and move on!

  10. I love how you ask your hubby’s opinion and then ignore it! My hubby always tells me his unsolicited usually and I ignore him as well. It works since we have been married for 20 years!

  11. Thanks for your point on batting. I’ve never use it and usually buy what on sale at local fabric shop and sometime have used batting for a quilt if need very low loft. I have a new sweet kitty, name Lulu think she is gonna work out.

  12. I love #1 — I hate to iron before cutting. I’ve got one of the posts up but I think I forgot to link it — it seems our lists are similar but in come places quite different.

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