WIP: Bailey Squares

Lately I’ve been chugging away at my first commissioned quilt – that’s right someone is PAYING me to quilt!!! It’s a friend of my husband’s cousin, and she’s asked for it to use in her wedding. So I’ve got just over a week to finish. Time to put the pedal down!


I’ll go into more detail when its finished, but as a PSA: not all charm squares are the same size! I didn’t realize this till after I had a fair portion pieced. So with some gnashing of teeth, and strategic trimming, I got the top together. Now its time for dense, dense quilting as an added safety measure – just in case some of those less than perfect seams start to unravel, they won’t get far.

As of last night I have 48% of the quilting done. Almost there!

apologies for the late night iphone photo...
apologies for the late night iphone photo…

Time for quilting, quilting, quilting, quilting….

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12 thoughts on “WIP: Bailey Squares

  1. Your quilting is fabulous. Isn’t it frustrating about the precuts? I once bought a layer cake, and not only was the fabric not cut to square, the squares were out of shape. It was terrible!

  2. That is so annoying when pre-cuts are not to size! You think you can rely on them and they cause so much work when they let you down.
    It’s good you managed to fix the issue, at least to the naked eye, and your super quilting will work wonders.

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