Finished: Aerial Quilt

I recently participated in the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap. There were over 600 participants!!! That’s a lot for anyone to keep track of, but Kristi and the moderators have all done a wonderful job. I was hoping to share the mini I received, along with this posting, but I’m still waiting. But that just means the awesomeness coming my way will need it’s own post!

2014-06-28 12.10.14-2

My recipient was Crystal at Two Little Aussie Birds — and let’s just say there was a bit of panic when I read that her favorite color was pink! Pink! Luckily, Stephanie talked me off the cliff and said to just treat it like yellow…. Not super helpful, but it did remind me that pink is just another color, and I COULD make this work. Crystal’s other favorites were teal and gray; she wanted very modern and said she was allergic to “nana florals”. After a little friendly sleuthing/stalking, and lots of thinking, I decided to go with the Aerial pattern by Carolyn Friedlander.

2014-07-02 06.01.16

Now that decision on its own is pretty intimidating — I knew I was going to hold my work up to my favorite versions. Both Mel from Melintheattic and Daisy from Ants to Sugar did absolutely gorgeous versions, and I wanted to love mine as much as theirs. Lucky again for me, Mel was very helpful and responded to my cry for help on Instagram. I was originally going to go with only 4 fabrics, and she suggested having more variety. So thank you Mel!

After all that hemming and hawing in the planning phase, the piecing actually went together incredibly smoothly. If you’re looking for a beginner friendly paper piecing pattern this is definitely one. Since its all geometric, there’s no worries that your feather (or bird, owl, moose, etc) will actually be recognizable. And you can precut all your strips which makes it go very, very fast. Though I did manage to make a mistake in the final layout (and 10 points if you can find it!), but unless you study very very hard (or are Carolyn Friedlander) you can’t really tell.

2014-07-02 06.01.58

I used as much variety in textures and colors as I could get my hands on locally. Peppered cottons, Andover’s textured solids, Moda Crossweaves, Kona, Free Spirit, and Essex Linen all made an appearance. And you may have noticed, I had trouble constraining myself to only pink, teal, and gray. Afterall, if I treat pink like yellow, what looks better with yellow then more yellow? And yes, those bits of yellow were leftover scraps from Take the A Train. Just in case you were wondering.

2014-07-02 06.01.16

For quilting, I originally thought of doing FMQ, but I couldn’t find my FMQ foot, so straight lines with the walking foot it was. Of course, that gets a little boring, so I threw in a few angles and changed directions. I don’t know if it was the changing directions, a poor basting job, or all the different textures, but I had more puckers and extra fabric issues with this mini than any other quilt ever. I think I’m going with the poor basting job, and a lack of starch. I’ve learned recently that starch is my friend. Not my best friend, but it at least deserves a card at the holidays.

2014-07-02 06.03.12

The back is a Tula Pink print (one of Crystal’s favorite designers) and the colors happened to match fairly well. I recently got a logo (!) and had a few labels printed at Spoonflower. I think they’re going to work out very well for future labeling needs. I bound it using Ashley’s fabulous tutorial, though if I ever use peppered cotton as binding again, I’m going to starch the stubbornness out of it.

2014-07-02 06.03.24

Whew, that was a lot of talking for such a small quilt…

21 thoughts on “Finished: Aerial Quilt

  1. This piece is wonderful! AbsolutIely wonderful and I am seriously laughing about the pink thing. I am more that way about purple! Too bad everything cannot be yellow! I agree with you on that!

  2. Wow, it is an awesome piece! All the different fabrics give it a great visual texture. I have had the most trouble with tucks and puckers and backing fabric woes when I quilt long straight lines. I think I might need to play with some scraps and see if I can adjust feed dog pressure to not pull on the backing as much.

  3. This is beautiful with great colour combinations. I thought at first glance that it was “fractured” and was puzzling as to how you had moved the pieces. It’s an interesting paper-pieced bird’s eye view, .. no fractures. LOL!

  4. SO love this!! You did a wonderful job, I don’t see any flaws in it and your quilting choice is perfect!! Beautifully done!!

  5. What on earthi is “nana florals”? I am so curious. I REALLY love your quilt and wish it was being sent this way. It’s so beautiful and really makes me want to work with solids again.

  6. Oooh so pretty. Beginner friendly pattern, hey? And with pre cut strips and no fancy finaning and hair pulling, hmm? 😀 i do like this pattern though…

    I’m starting to wish I signed up for this swap now… But oh so intimidating! I hope yours isn’t lost and forgotten 😦

    So how’s those supernovas? 😉

  7. I love pink and nana florals, so be glad I was not your swap partner! 🙂
    I have some spray starch in the back of the cupboard. I associate it with ironing, which I hate. Maybe I ought to rethink. (Send it a card in the holidays? Hilarious!)

  8. It’s really nice, Sarah. I like the way you carried colors from block to block, it makes the distinctions between the blocks less clear, which I think is a great way to use this pattern.

  9. I love the pink/gray/teal, but I have to say, those yellow spots absolutely make this quilt. Great color choices and layout!

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