Under Pressure

Are you singing in your head too?

Thank you for the overwhelming response to the New Blogger’s Hop! And hello to all the new followers (and old ones too)! If you haven’t gotten a reply to your comment — I’m so sorry! There’s been so many emails going back and forth, I’ve lost track of who I had and had not responded to. I need more organization!

Between looming deadlines, finances, family affairs, car trouble, dentists, and everything else that being “an adult” entails, there’s been lots of pressure lately!! And unfortunately led to my unplanned hiatus here.

I’ve missed you guys, and there’s so much to catch you up on. So how about we make this a short and sweet bullet list, and then I’ll go into some more details (not too much) later? All in agreement?

A little tropical palm tree for summer.
A little tropical palm tree for summer.
  • I made this block after being taught Sketch Stitch Applique from Laura at the Seacoast guild meeting.
  • I participated in the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive (can we say nerve-wracking?), but here is a peek of what I made for Crystal. I promise more later.

2014-06-28 12.10.14-2

  • I got started on my first commissioned quilt! I need to have it done for mid-August, so I better keep making progress. Pictures to come.
  • And the biggest news of all — I started a guild! The first meeting was a month ago where we decided on a name (Runamok MQG) and a meeting time. If you’re near Southeastern MA, and want to join us, or if you’re just interested in following our ‘adventures’, you can find more information here.
A shot of almost everyone at our last Runamok meeting!
A shot of almost everyone at our last Runamok meeting!

The New Blogger’s Hop is still going – Please go check out all the other great and wonderful blogs. You can find the entire list here.


7 thoughts on “Under Pressure

  1. I still can’t believe you started a guild. That meant going OUTSIDE and TALKING. to PEOPLE!!!! :O

    I need to try the sketch stitch. I DEMAND A TUTORIAL πŸ˜€

  2. OMG Sarah ~ we’re kindred spirits! I’ve been busy and neglected my blog; I just made my first commissioned quilt in June; I’m terribly introverted but happily managed to start the Jersey Shore MQG.

    Your guild name is much better!


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