Sunday Stash…the haul

Happy Weekend!!! Lately I’ve received my fair share of fabric (ok, maybe a little more), and I thought I’d show it off. Mostly, because my wonderful husband got me a new camera for my birthday. 😀 And what else do you photograph to practice but fabric?

Catnap Fabric Bundle

By no means are these the best images in the world – but, they’re better than fuzzy iPhone photos. Or maybe that’s the birthday cake talking…

Catnap Closer

Catnap, by the amazing Lizzy House, from Hawthorne Threads. There is plan involving hexagons afoot, but nothing firm yet.

Martha - Artsy

Here’s my attempt at being ‘artsy’. Some Martha Negley Twigs and Tree Rings.

Kate Spain and Friends

The bottom two are Sunnyside, Kate Spain. The middle one is from Sphere, by Zen Chic, and the top one is from Potluck, by American Jane. Everything but the Catnap came from Pink Chalk Fabrics. There may have been a sale involved.

Flowers fabric
Creative Thursday’s Just for Fun Flowers

In non-fabric news, I joined (applied?) the New Blogger’s Hop 2014. There’s quite a few of us, but its made for very interesting (and long) conversations.

Copper Pearl Bracelet
Copper Pearl Bracelet – so great!

Beth has scheduled a number of helpful posts from past participants, and my friend Laura posted about community building habits. I just have to say I agree wholeheartedly with all of them. All of my quilty friends resulted in reaching out. Joining a quilt guild was the first step, and that gave me confidence to comment on blogs (and Instagram). So go! Make quilty friends!

Because no post is complete without a little extra cuteness. 😀

Woody - BMQG WIP

Linking with Sunday Stash over at Molli Sparkles.

Molli Sparkles

13 thoughts on “Sunday Stash…the haul

  1. Wow! You have all sorts of goodness here! Every time I see Catnap, I feel like I should get some, even though I’m ridiculously allergic to cats! And the metallic pearl bracelets…yes. I need me some of those too! 🙂

  2. Yay!!! Love your haul and hope that you’re having a fabulous day! The Blog Hop is awesome and well worth the effort 🙂 I remember the crazy amount of emails flying back and forth immediately as it gets going. Busy but awesome! 🙂 How have I never seen the copper bracelets before? Fabulous!

  3. I really wanted Catnap when it came out but in the end I didn’t get it because I couldn’t justify WHY I wanted it … nothing to really do with it except pet it. Though I was thinking of using it to make the “Outfox the Fox” pattern from Lizzy’s fox line. I can’t believe I actually talked myself into not buying fabric… and such cute fabric o_o

    I’m so excited for the metallic Pearl Bracelets though, they are currently on route to me!!

  4. I adore the Tree RIngs! I had some from a set of blues I purchased and had no idea what to do with it, but then I used it to back a mini quilt and now I wish I had more – it’s really grown on me (haha no pun intended). Stopping by from the NQB Google group – you’re in my neck of the woods and have a great first name ; ) and I’m originally from MA, so I had to pop over and say hi. Enjoy your new camera!

  5. I love your fabric additions. Especially the catnap combo is really good! Love it! You sure do love yellow color though ;). Wish you a wonderful and happy birthday!

  6. You’ll love the New Blogger’s Hop! I did it last year and it really allowed me to make strong connections with others, and learn a lot about blogging in the process! I’ve got my own guest post in the works, because I have nothing but good things to say about it. It is so wonderful to see you grabbing the camera and making some attempts at even better photographs! For your “artsy” one, you’ll need more light, but take your aperture to about F5.6 (that photo was probably taken at F3.5-4.0) and you’ll get more of your fabric in focus while still maintaining that artsy depth of field affect! 😉 Good luck!

  7. Your cat is adorable!! Sunnyside and Sphere – brilliant! Love your new header photo and look of your blog, too. Update on how your new guild is going please!

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