WIP – the list

WIPs – we all have them right? Those half finished projects lying in tubs, buckets, boxes in the dark reaches of closets. Sitting there, taunting us, emanating guilty feelings whenever we work with something new, fresh, or fun.

Scraps from retreat, getting pieced into a top
Scraps from retreat, getting pieced into a top

Why do so many of us feel guilty over those piles? Why are they considered different than the fabric sitting on the shelves unused? Or maybe your fabric stash taunts you as much as the stack of WIPs.

The beginning....oh, I love Kate Spain
The beginning….oh, I love Kate Spain

Recently, I counted up all the started, partially finished projects. And the number was a little shocking, and a little embarassing. 24. 24 started projects. Just laying in various states around my apartment. Some are fully completed tops, just waiting for quilting. Some are pattern pieces waiting for the courage to sew together (I’m looking at you Weekender). Some are barely half started – a few blocks made, a few more pieces cut, but hours and hours away from being finished. This doesn’t even count the fabric earmarked for “maybe someday” projects.

FMQ practice potential here, and yellow of course.
FMQ practice potential here, and yellow of course.

And why is there that little voice in my head saying 24 failures. 24 failures to finish. 24 lack of commitments. Each one of these started and unfinished items provided me joy at one point, provided a little bit of fabric play therapy, provided a small escape from the pressures of “real life”, so why are they adding pressure now?

Can't give up on yellow!
Can’t give up on yellow!

Do I need some sort of WIP support group? Maybe, if it involves cookies. Will I ever finish all 24? Honestly, probably not. Will the number keep increasing? Hah, of course it will. Does it matter? No, not really, not to me. I’d like the number to be a little smaller, a little less daunting. I’d like to see my ideas come to fruition. But until the magic elves show up, I’ll work on them when I need that particular bit of therapy. Need to work on a yellow project? Yup, I’ve got one (or three) of those. Want to work on an improv, can’t mess up project? Yup, I’ve got one of those too. Really want to practice some FMQ skills? Well, I’ve got a few tops available. Options are nice. But, to provide a little more accountability to myself. If only so remember what my options are, and get that little high from crossing things off a list, here’s my WIP list:

1.) Tetris, quilt top
2.) Penny patch, quilt top
3.) Tie it on, quilt top
4.) Weekender
5.) Rhubarb Crisp, piecing
6.) Yellow Strings, piecing
7.) Bright Wonky Log cabins, piecing
8.) Wonky Cross, piecing
9.) Made fabric Triangles, piecing
10.) Seaside Improv, piecing
11.) Sliced 4-patch, cutting, piecing
12.) Ships and stars, planning, cutting, piecing
13.) Farmer’s Wife, 56 done, ##? to go
14.) Crazy 9-patch, new direction to go in
15.) Gypsy Wife, maybe catch up with QAL
16.) Lobster Quilt, piecing
17.) Simply Solids top, thinking
18.) Sparkle punch mini, binding
19.) Fix of Husband quilt, quilting
20.) do.Good top, finishing
21.) Yellow dresden, needs quilting
22.) Simply Color HST, piecing
23.) Retreat scraps top, cutting, piecing
24.) Hexacabin mini, piecing

Also, I just added the Truth Tea button to the side, so if you feel I’m completely off my rocker, and need a high dose of “finish it up already”, let me know. Though, I will caveat with this – I already know my pictures are horrible. πŸ˜€ A new camera is on the way for my birthday present.

Linking to WIP Wednesday, of course!


13 thoughts on “WIP – the list

  1. Sometimes projects need a little time to percolate, they’ll be better later… and sometimes they just need to go sit in the corner until they’re ready to behave;-)

  2. I agree completely with Alidiza! I recently finished & gifted a quilt to my Dad that had sat for THREE years with the blocks done (only four, but big ones). When I put them together on my design “floor” I didn’t like them. Turned out they were just waiting for the right sashing fabric to be designed. When I saw it in the store I had an “aha moment,” and had the quilt finished less than a month later. Now it’s one of my favorite finishes. So: don’t feel bad. All those WIP’s are just inspiration waiting to hit you. πŸ™‚

  3. Have you seen A Lovely Year of Finishes hosted by Fibre of All Sorts and Sew Bitter Sweet Designs? I’ve been participating all year and I’ve found it really motivating in finishing off my WIPs and working out which WIPs are worth working on/saving. Some I’ve given up on completely, but instead of wasting the blocks I’m thinking of keeping them altogether and making something like a “kitchen sink” sampler with a mish mash of different blocks and scraps. I just need a few more abandoned WIPs to have enough blocks to add lol!

    I’ve finished three quilts this year from projects I left last year, and it feels good to have them done πŸ™‚ I’m also trying to be really picky about what new projects I start. Baby quilts are a nice and quick finish, but I have no need for that size quilt, so why do I keep making them that size?!

  4. Here’s my take on WIP’s: they are not worth working on if they don’t make you happy. I find myself working in bursts on projects. I go on a crazy spree where I work on something every chance I get, but, after a while, I get bored of the pattern or the cutting or the endless piecing. That’s when you switch to a new project. We do this for fun, not out of obligation.

    If you are looking for a prize-awarding linky party, though, you could checkout the Finish Along at the Littlest Thistle. Prizes are awarded by quarter, so you could join up in July for Q3.

  5. I would also add that the long project finishes are way more satisfying than the quickies, and you get that feeling of accomplishment repeatedly, every time you see that empty spot on the shelf where it used to be!

  6. I like the idea of having options for what to work on according to the mood! But do get on with Gypsy Wife – it’s so fun! And you’ve made a nice start. πŸ™‚

  7. Haha, I totally get a high off of crossing things off my to do list too (I’m making one right now, actually!) :D. Your WIPS are stunning – I especially love the last one with the fall colors!

  8. Hi, I’m visiting from our new email discussion group. Love it.
    I also enjoy your take on things. I like your off-beat humor–and the mention of cookies, or cake. Can I gain weight just from reading those words?

  9. 24? wow! you make me want to make a list now lol. looks like we have some of the same ones too…maybe we can be each other’s cheerleaders. i will get you going on the gypsy wife and you get me going on the farmer’s wife. deal? πŸ™‚

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