Bow Pillow – the first of many

Recently I had the opportunity to pattern test for one of my favorite people, Laurie. And then I completely fell down on the job and forgot to email her a picture. But here is the picture now:

Lots of dots!!!
Lots of dots!!!

The bow is a metallic dot from Robert Kaufman, and the background is Anna Maria Horner. Both from my favorite – Franklin Mill Store.

Laurie’s tutorials are always great – very easy to read and follow, and this one is no exception! Perfect for a beginner, and even better for a last minute gift. It took me less than 3 hours from start to finish, and that was with a tired brain and tv distractions. It’ll definitely be faster if you’re fully awake and not distracted. 😀

My husband has already “commissioned” several of these for family. Does it count as a commission when you get paid in clean dishes?

13 thoughts on “Bow Pillow – the first of many

  1. Awesome Sarah! I can’t wait to see you sew dozens! The only hitch for making so many, for me, is those dang pillow forms. They’re way too expensive in the store and making them is one extra step.

  2. I love the bow! And getting paid in clean dishes sounds like an excellent deal. — Christy

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