Retreat, and the return of sewing mojo

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the well wishes and compliments!!!! I’m blown away by how many people loved the last quilt! My husband doesn’t understand why I’m suprised “Its a great quilt” he says, but just because I love it, and he loves it, doesn’t mean other people would. And to have so many of you take the time and comment on Take the A Train — well, I’m really really touched.

A week or so ago was the annual BMQG retreat – and this year the Seacoast MQG came too!! This was my first retreat, being that I only joined the BMQG a year ago, and oh boy was it fun! To meet so many great people that I only knew online (or Instagram) and get to sew surrounded by all this talent, it was mindblowing in the best way. And then on top of that 3 1/2 days of straight sewing (in a clean workspace no less!) the perfect “sweatshop” vacation.

The weeks preceeding the retreat were full of decisions – what tools do I need to bring, how many projects should I bring, which projects should I bring, etc. etc. Of course being a sewing retreat the last thing I cared about was what to wear, but that had to be decided too. Eventually I landed on bringing 4 projects – 2 new and 2 WIPs. Turns out I worked on 1 of each, and touched the others as well, to get a little design input from others. This is the WIP I “finished” — it’s only a top, but before it was just pieces…

up on the design wall

I started it back last year when Rachel had the Penny Patch along going – thinking I could finish it before Christmas. Well, maybe I still can, just not Christmas 2013. It’ll be eventually for my FIL, so all of the fabrics are novelities that relate to him. There’s french script because his family is French Canadian, he rides bicycles, works as a coomputer programmer, wears glasses, was a Scout master for several years so there’s maps and arrows. My favorite fabric is the “How to build a fire” print I picked up at Bits and Pieces last fall. Amazingly, this all came from my stash – a point that I’m not sure if its something to shout from the rooftops, or sadly shake my head.
close up of the pieces
I think this post might be long enough, so I’ll just save the rest for later, ok?


3 thoughts on “Retreat, and the return of sewing mojo

  1. Shout from the rooftops! Those prints are fabtastic and a great match for the pattern and the recipient! Retreat was such a blast – loved getting to be your tablemate 🙂

  2. I LOVE that all these unique fabrics came from your stash – that is so funny! And it looks really awesome- definitely different than the typical penny sampler with lots of florals (which is what I am doing.)

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