New Year, already?

I’m not really one for recaps. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing others … I’m just too lazy to put together one for myself.

My real accomplishment this year was finishing “Dancing in September” to show at the quilt show in Lowell in August. To me, at least, it was a big deal. I had an idea for a quilt, and knew I wanted to make one for the show specifically. I had the fabric already – just had to find the time. The week before the show my husband was on a business trip, so I got to let the quiltiness explode over the entire apartment. So, I made the quilt – in a week. It’s not as heavily quilted as I originally wanted. And the backing is not as straight as I would have wanted. And the binding corners… and and and and. There’s always something wrong that we see, but others don’t.

please ignore the step ladder -- I'm short
please ignore the step ladder — I’m short

After living with and using this quilt every day for the last 4 months, I can honestly say that I don’t care about those things anymore. They’re all covered up with wrinkles, cat hair, and a few drops of chocolate ice cream. I’ve gotten to curl up under it every night, every time I was sick and it always always cheers me up.

The thing is, this was the first quilt I made for me, just because. And the first I kept. And depending on how you define quilt (with actual binding on?) this was either the second or fourth quilt I ever made. I made a few quilt tops, started even more, planned uncountable, but finished? That, it turns out, I’m not so good with. 😀

So I guess, 2013 was the year I really became a quilter. And here’s the pic to prove it:

My husband refuses to take serious pictures - and he's really funny
My husband refuses to take serious pictures – and he’s really funny


(my husband asked me to clarify — the quiltiness always explodes over the apartment, he just wasn’t around to complain about it, so it got out of hand… 😀 )

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