That gotta have fabric

Have you ever walked into a quilt store, wandered around, and then spotted it? THE perfect fabric. That one you grab and hug and want to take the whole thing home with you? But of course, since its real life, and there’s no money tree, some of it has to remain there. So now the stalking begins, right? Have to search the whole internet and obsessively watch for sales, just to see if you can find it at a price where you can get a dozen yards and still eat.

That was yesterday.

I visited Daley by the Yard for the first time. And there hiding in the corner was this:

draped shot

The perfect yellow, the perfect pattern, the perfectest of perfect “ME” fabrics. It’s the yellow sunflowers from Summer Home, by Hemma Designs, Red Rooster fabric. Now of course, I had seen this online before. But yellows are so hard to photograph right. And the scale did not show up. And it was just enh.

for scale

In person though — out of this world in love with it! It will definitely be the back to a quilt — but to make a quilt worthy of it….that may take awhile.

larger scale


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