The quilting is done!!! For the last week I have been working on quilting a queen size quilt my grandmother made – and I’m going to make it in time to mail for Christmas!


No, I don’t have a long arm, just a standard sized domestic machine. But I do have an understanding husband who doesn’t mind pizza and sandwiches for dinner for the last week (except the night he made me an omlette!). I also have a stubborn streak a mile wide that refused to let this quilt beat me. :D


It was ‘just’ a simple meandering loop with a few stars thrown in. Really only difficult in the dead center of the quilt. I used a variegated cotton thread from Guttermann for the first time and worked pretty well. And it was fun to watch the color changes.


I promise better pictures soon – for now, these iPhone photos will just have to do.

How’s your mad dash to the finish line going?

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On Moving Forward…

Soooo, by now you’ve probably heard that QuiltCon acceptances went out last night. My entry – Take the A-Train – was not accepted. And I’m think I’m really close to being okay with that. It’s becoming very apparent that whoever is in charge of these things was going for a certain aesthetic, and mine didn’t fit.

Detail of quilting

It’s okay. Not everyone can like 12 shades of yellow all mushed together. But it still makes me happy. And so many wonderful people told me how much they love it too. :) Jess at Quilty Habit did a great post, as did Jess at The Elven Garden. So, after much thinking, and grumbling to Karin and Stephanie (thank you ladies!), I’m just going to keep making quilts that make me happy, and excited to finish, and wholly all around me. So if I don’t have to mail them off to a show, shucks darn, I’ll just have to keep it. :)

And now for something completely different. This is the queen sized quilt I’m quilting for my grandmother. Let me clarify – my grandmother pieced it, I’m quilting it for her. Just a simple loopy pattern with a few stars.


Gotta keep moving on with those lists, right? Also, at different times in the last few weeks several friends and cousins have announced their pregnancies, so we all know what that means right? Baby quilts! Which are super exciting to plan, because they are always fun and happy, and they’re small and easy to quilt.

A little economy block, just because...

A little economy block, just because…

What are some of your favorite baby quilt patterns?

Just keep sewing, sewing, sewing

‘Tis the season to overfill your plate, and that goes for the sewing to-do plate as well. For some reason, I just keep piling it on, but here’s the ever so dreaded list for December. You’ll notice its a little vague… Can’t be giving away any surprises, right?

  • Handmade swap items for guild parties.
  • Christmas presents and decorations.
  • Party skirt for guild parties.
  • Crazy Christmas dress.
  • Quilt a queen.
Just a little sneak peek of a few things....

Just a little sneak peek of a few things….

Just keep sewing, right? How’s your list coming? Anyone else ready for a “long winter’s nap?”

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Supernova Blocks – and I’m still alive!

Ugh. Whatever cold has been sweeping the Northeast crash landed at my place for the last few weeks. Being sick really sucks all the energy right out of you. But, hopefully, I’m back at full steam for good now. I have quilts to make! (And a turkey to cook!)

Even in the depths of sickness, I managed a little sewing, and hopefully I’ll get pictures of it all before too long. But for now, here’s one of the projects I worked on. (And I’ll apologize now for the indoor iphone photos)

A drawing Jo did of our quilt - Isn't it fantastic!?!

A drawing Jo did of our quilt – Isn’t it fantastic!?!

Way, way, way back in May, Jo from Riddle and Whimsy asked me to participate in the Supernova Friendship Swap. We quickly realized three things: We both have nearly exactly the same taste in fabrics, we needed to do 6 blocks each for a larger quilt, and we HAD to do this as a rainbow. Soon after we realized that it would be far more economical to send each other one package (she’s in Australia, I’m in New England), rather than 6 individual packages.

A fabric pull, orange through aqua

A fabric pull, orange through aqua

Then other deadlines snuck in, and I kept putting off making these blocks….so I ended up making all 6 for Jo in about 2-3 weeks, all at once, with the deadline looming. And to add guilt, Jo finished and sent hers early….

Indigo through Pink

Indigo through Pink

Orange through Aqua

Orange through Aqua

So what this all worked out to was I made one half of a quilt, and Jo made one half of a quilt. And being sick, I forgot to take a picture of my half of the quilt, just the individual blocks…. Silly germs.

Citron through Indigo

Citron through Indigo

Hopefully, the post will deliver the half of quilt to Jo soon…I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting to see it all sewn together.

Red through yellow

Red through yellow

Now of course, I still have to sew the exact same 6 blocks for me so I can have an awesomely rainbow quilt.

Aqua through Orchid

Aqua through Orchid

If you want to see more in process pictures and read more about our quilts, here’s the links to Jo’s blog posts. She was the organized one of our pair, starting her blocks early, posting about it….

Tips for cutting the Supernova Blocks

Progress being made

Violet through Peach

Violet through Peach

BQF: Bailey Squares

Happy Friday!!!

I’m going to try and sneak this in under the wire for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival happening over at Amy’s Creative Side.

2014-07-26 17.14.58-1

I made this quilt a few months ago. Really, it’s been that long? I guess time really does fly!

2014-08-18 16.17.08

Here’s the original post on it, if you’re interested. I did intense paisley/clamshell quilting on it. Partly because I wanted to try it, and partly because I wanted some dense quilting to put my mind at ease over a few seams on the scant side.

2014-08-18 16.23.41 -edit

I’m putting this in the “Home Machine Quilted” category, since that’s the real interest of the quilt. I hope you enjoyed seeing mine — and go check out all the other wonderful entries!!!

2014-08-18 16.17.49