BQF: Bailey Squares

Happy Friday!!!

I’m going to try and sneak this in under the wire for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival happening over at Amy’s Creative Side.

2014-07-26 17.14.58-1

I made this quilt a few months ago. Really, it’s been that long? I guess time really does fly!

2014-08-18 16.17.08

Here’s the original post on it, if you’re interested. I did intense paisley/clamshell quilting on it. Partly because I wanted to try it, and partly because I wanted some dense quilting to put my mind at ease over a few seams on the scant side.

2014-08-18 16.23.41 -edit

I’m putting this in the “Home Machine Quilted” category, since that’s the real interest of the quilt. I hope you enjoyed seeing mine — and go check out all the other wonderful entries!!!

2014-08-18 16.17.49

WIP: Farmer’s Wife, decision?

So, today, I have decided to share my oldest WIP, and contemplate its future. How do we cope with personal styles, goals, skills, and visions changing with our half done quilts? [I apologize now for the picture overload to come]

2014-09-01 15.23.22

2014-09-01 15.33.26

So way back in 2011, Fussy Cut hosted the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along. And being a newish quilter I, of course, thought I could easily follow along and have a finished quilt in just a few months. Yup, I’m laughing too. But I did make a decent start, and every once in a while I would get this bug in my ear to finish it up and I would sit down and make a few blocks more.

PicMonkey Collage 1

It would again sit in a pile for months on end till I saw another beautiful version online. Then I would make a few more blocks, then set it aside again. The blocks have changed as my tastes and fabric stash has changed. My skills have improved with these blocks as well (don’t look too closely at some of them!) and I still love each and every block.

PicMonkey Collage 2 (1)

PicMonkey Collage 7

There are some seriously gorgeous versions of this quilt. Really. Patch the Giraffe. Quirky Granola Girl. Hey Porkchop. Grey Cat Quilts. Happy Zombie. All gorgeous and wonderfully inspiring.

PicMonkey Collage 3 (1)

But, I’ve recently come to the realization — I don’t enjoy precision piecing, at least not in a large quantity. I don’t really like following a pattern. Traditional layouts just aren’t my thing. And I think I’m okay with that.

PicMonkey Collage 4

PicMonkey Collage 8

Now here’s where the decision comes in. I have 45 blocks; well that I can find. There might be a few more lurking somewhere. Knowing what I do about myself, do I push through more blocks? I was shooting for a queen size, so that’s another 40-60 blocks depending on layout. I could make a smaller quilt, but I really wanted it to be usable. I was contemplating doing a bit of improv piecing and adding large sections of fabric. I don’t want to lose the blocks in whatever piecing I do, and I want these 6″ blocks to really shine.

PicMonkey Collage 5

PicMonkey Collage 6

So what would you do? Carry on? Mod it up with alternate gridwork and negative space? Hide it in a closet for another three years?

2014-09-01 15.42.23

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Fall is my favorite…for so many reasons

The weather is starting to turn cooler here in New England, and yes! the trees are starting to turn!!! But I’m not excited or anything….

For most, September marks the end of the summer. For me, its the beginning of so much. This is the time of year I always feel the least obligated. No one asks what your plans for fall are. There’s no impetus to join the hundreds at the beach or lake. You don’t need to check the weather to plan your grocery store trips as you do in the winter. There’s no worries about getting your body ready for bikini season.


Instead there is apple picking and cider donuts. Pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving meal planning. Bad hair day? Just pull on a cozy knitted hat. Nowhere to be on Sunday — curl up under a quilt and a cat and read a good book. Especially with a mug of mulled cider or spicy hot cocoa.


Fall is, and always has been my favorite season. But not just for atmosphere and food. I have a lot of personal milestones linked with fall.

9 years ago, I met my husband in the fall.

4 years ago I married him in the fall (and got my very own sewing machine!).


And last year, I started this blog in the fall.

And holy cornbread stuffing has this little space grown!!! In all of 2013, I got 97 views. In August 2014 alone there were 1,410 views of my wee little blog. So, because without you, it would still just be me reading and re-reading my own words, I’m going to do a giveaway. But, because I have a mean streak, I’m not going to tell you what you’ll be receiving. It’s just going to be a box of awesomeness, curated for you, with a healthy dash of yellow, arriving sometime in the next few months. I want to hear about your favorite fall memory. Is it jumping in leaves? Eating an apple right off the tree? Marrying your spouse? Let me know for a chance to win!   Giveaway is now closed – Yvonne (quiltingjetgirl) is the winner!  Thank you for sharing all your wonderful memories!


WIP Wednesday: Triangles….obsession?

Happy Wednesday! Yeah, that was more of a wish than a statement for me too. But we will get through this week, right?

I little while ago I signed up for the Angled class with Rachel at Stitched in Color. If you have never taken one of her classes, you need to change that at the first possible opportunity. I’m still kicking myself for passing on the Penny Sampler.

In addition to the advertised quilts, Rachel offers suggestions on what to do with triangle scraps. The suggestion she posted this week kind of lit a fire in my brain and the creative juices just bubbled over. I had cut triangles over a year ago with the purpose of making a standard triangle quilt. We know where this story is going, right? Well, it never happened — but after seeing what Rachel did, I knew the exact route to go. And then I found some perfect fabrics in my stash!

Here’s the layout of the backgrounds.

photo (1)

Kind of makes you think of strawberry lemonade, right? Just me? Oh well. My triangles were bigger than in Rachel’s tutorial, so I had to do a little math. Then a bit of sewing, and I got this.

photo (2)

A 22″ block! So, I only need 12! Okay, enough exclamation points, but I’m really excited where this is going.

On the flip side, I also made this over the Labor Day weekend, and need to quilt it up soon. (Updated: here’s the link if you want to make your own bats)

photo (3)

As it’s easy to do this time of year, I might be muddling my seasons a little. But I’m sure I’ll end up quilting my “strawberry lemonade” in the middle of a blizzard in January, and I will be very thankful for the cheer.

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Around the World Blog Hop

Last week I was tagged by Jo for the Around the World Blog Hop. Jo and I met when I left a comment on her blog. That’s all it took. Now we’re participating in the Friendship Supernova Swap together. And emailing each other constantly. And I’m still marveling that I have a friend on the other side of the world in Australia. Miracles of technology.

A drawing Jo did of our quilt - Isn't it fantastic!?!

A drawing Jo did of our quilt – Isn’t it fantastic!?!

But you’re not here to listen to me wax not so poetically about modern advances in communication and their impact on society. Well, maybe. I guess I shouldn’t presume.

There’s four questions everyone on this blog hop has been answering, so I should probably get to that, hmmmm?

1. What am I working on?
I just finished a large workhorse of a quilt, so I’m sailing through the doldrums a bit. Catching up on bee blocks. Cleaning my sewing space. Planning ways to finish some WIPs. Buying fabric. Always seems to be the way, right? Not really sewing means lots of fabric purchases.

Bee blocks and a do.Good quilt top

Bee blocks and a do.Good quilt top

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
So, I asked for some help with this question. I’m not so good with the retrospection and inner reflection sort of stuff. So I asked my husband over breakfast what he thought. Apparently, I’m very well thought out, to the point of near obsession. Also, I’m very loud with my color selections. He might have a point there. Also, turns out he listens more than I thought.

Bright colors do make me happy....

Bright colors do make me happy….

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
Simple put — because it makes me happy. Creating something I love, and getting to wrap up in it nearly every day is absolutely wonderful! And then I write about it here, and other people love it (still shocked by that one). And we get to share in fabric-y and quilty news and gossip, make new friends, keep up with old ones. It beats shoe shopping by several nautical miles.

A baby quilt (my first one!) and a few more bee blocks.

A baby quilt (my first one!) and a few more bee blocks.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?
Occasionally, because of a deadline, or a bug in my ear, I’ll work continuously on one project. But most of the time I flit around depending on my mood. If I’m a little brain dead from work, I like simple piecing, or improv. If its Saturday and I’ve had 2 too many cups of coffee, and think I can take on the world, I start a new project, or baste a quilt top. I’m not really sure I have a process. I pretty sure I’m more like a toddler jumping from one activity to another leaving a wake of crafty destruction. But my wonderful husband puts up with it all, and it works for me.

And here’s the part where I tag a few people to keep the party going.

Jennifer from Secondhand Dinasoar
I met Jennifer through a Triple Zip swap earlier this year. She was my assigned partner, and I had so much fun stalking her, I just keep doing it. And luckily, she hasn’t issued a restraining order or anything yet. She has a great mix of projects, and gorgeous pictures — go check her blog out!

Stephanie from Simple Sewendipity
I’m trying to recall the first time I met Stephanie, but failing miserably. It’s like I’ve always known her. She’s one of the few “online” friends I have that I met in person first. We’re in a few of the same guilds together. We geek out over the same things. Her quilts and projects are always fun, happy, and just a little bit quirky. And frankly, I’m surprised I’m willing to share her, but since I am, you’d better take advantage and go visit.